Warframe – Simple FPS Boost (No Mods / Editing Files)

A single simple setting change to increase FPS.

How to Boost FPS

This would only Help you if you have Unstable FPS while playing the Game.

Change Dynamic Resolution to (USER)

By default it is set to automatic which means that it would lower the scale depending on the FPS usage of the game,this is fine but on lower end systems the game would constantly transition between high to low scale while on a mission which could be jarring and annoying. Lowering this scale manually forces the game to run on “performance mode” all the time making everything look more pixelated for the sake of FPS, this does however heavily impact visibility

  • Lower Number – Higher FPS, Much more pixelated Visuals especially on lower resolutions
  • Higher Number – Resource intensive, Makes the Visuals much Sharper

The Setting:

50 (lowest) is playable on 1024×768+ Resolution.

You can also do this with 800×600 Resolution but anything farther than 15 meters would be a pixelated mess, youre gonna have a bad time navigating Cluttered Tilesets like Deimos and Earth. Still i recommend to play around with the setting along with the Game’s Resolution. I find that higher Game Resolution with lower scale looks a lot better than Lower Game Resolution with higher scale.

800×600 Lowest Scale:

1024×768 Lowest Scale:

1024×768 Max Scale:

What is on screen:

  • Landing Craft looking at the Arsenal station.
  • Protea Warframe.
  • Arca Shoulder Guards.
  • Sisters of Parvos left/right Sigil.
  • Nightwave Ephemera.
  • Secura Syandanna (The Perrin Sequence Syndicate Reward).
Created by ChainsaW

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