Warframe – The Index (0% Damage Taken Revenant Guide)

Need credits? There is no better place in Warframe to farm credits than The Index. This is my guide to completing the index as carefree as possible while maximizing your chances of winning.

How to Farm Credits in The Index


The Index is an endless mission in which you have to score a certain amount of Index Points to win. Below are the three investment options you can choose from.

As you can see, there is a larger wager for high risk investments, but the return is much larger.

Note: The listed return above is affected by Credit Boosters

The match will consist of an endless number of rounds, where to goal is to earn enough index points to reach the point target. These Index points are dropped by the enemies in battle and are represented as green diamonds. You must reach a point target to win, or you will lose if you run out of time or the enemy reaches the point target first. You can hold as many index points as you want. However, if you are playing on Medium or High index, you will be impacted by Financial Stress which is a debuff that reduces your max health and shields and will consistently drain your energy.

When you accumulate index points, you will notice that you are also given a bonus based on how many points you are currently holding. This is pretty simple: Hold more points, you get more bonus. However, this bonus is not linear and, as you can see below, you will always want to bank when you are holding 15 points as it is the most efficient based on the bonus. Obviously, the only time you would want to bank with less than 15 is when you can finish and win the round.


I have chosen Revenant as he is basically an unkillable machine who has the perfect ability for this scenario: Mesmer Skin.

This ability not only reflects 100% of the damage dealt to Revenant, but also stuns the enemy that hit you! It is almost as if this ability was made for the index, as you are fighting small number of enemies that hit hard and can be effected by Mesmer Skin.

The reason that the 100% status and damage reflection is so huge here is the fact that when you pick up index points and are afflicted with Financial Stress, you will drop down to only having around 10 health. However, you simply do not care how much health you get dropped down to because you don’t take any damage in the first place.

Below is my build for Revenant:

You, in no way, have to copy this build mod for mod. I will, however, go over the most important parts of this build:

1) Ability Efficiency

I run both Fleeting Expertise and Streamline to ensure I have enough ability efficiency to offset the energy drain from Financial Stress. This is because Mesmer Skin will cost 50 mana at base. However, if you have no ability efficiency, the mana drain will drop your energy pickup to 49 instantly, making it so you can not cast Mesmer Skin and you will most likely die very soon.

Technically, you only need to run a Rank 5 Streamline as that will drop the cost of a 50 energy cast to 35 mana, thus allowing you to cast Mesmer Skin immdediately after you pick up a mana orb. I have 150% efficiency that will allow me to cast Mesmer Skin at only 25 mana At the end of the day, you want just enough efficiency to cast Mesmer Skin, even with the mana drain.

2) Ability Strength

Ability Strength is the bread and butter of Mesmer Skin. I cranked up my ability strength to have a whopping 17 charges of Mesmer Skin. I would recommend trying to get your number of charges up past 10, as it is a quality of life thing that will allow you to focus on killing enemies more than having to run and find a mana orb to re-cast.

3) Ability Duration

As you can see, I TANKED my ability duration in favor of efficiency and power strength. This is just because I have weapons that will allow me to easily finish off an enemy that is asleep for a mere 1 second. If you think that you are taking too many hits and your Mesmer Skin is being depleated too quickly, you can find a happy medium where you can increase you Ability Duration to make them sleep longer. This is to taste.

4) Ability Range

Ability Range doesn’t mean anything in the index for Revenant. Range is important on his ultimate, but the Financial Stress will keep your mana pretty much at 0, making your ultimate useless. If you have the chance to increase any of the three above at the cost of range, it is worth it as far as the index is concerned.

5) Enemy Radar & Vigilante Pursuit

I run these two mods to help me track of enemies and helps me kill them faster. If you need to put anything else in these slots, feel free to do so.

6) Arcane Choices

My Arcanes suck. These are to taste.

And that’s it! With a little efficiency and power strength, you should soon be swimming in credits!

Weapon Selection

Basically, just choose your best stuff. I just use my Eidolon slayer:

Created by nash.

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