Warframe – The Invincible Rhino Prime (Build)

This guide is to show off the build that I made when I got stuck on Europa and could not complete The New Strange due to my Excalibur being underpowered. I hope that this build will help a lot of new players and prevent them from quitting the game as I almost did.

The Warframe

Obviously, we’re using Rhino for this. I did it with Rhino Prime because he was conveniently unvaulted as I learned about this build.

If you’re doing it with normal Rhino:

Farm his parts by killing The Jackal.

If you’re doing it with Rhino Prime:

Check the wiki for what relics you need. The relics I got were all from Cetus bounties, but this may change the next time he’s unvaulted.

The Build

All the mods and what they do:

  • Steel Charge – Will make your melee weapons better. Also has a matching polarity and gives you more mod slots.
  • Power Drift – Ability Strength. I’ll explain more later.
  • Steel Fiber – Armor is always good.
  • Intensify – Ability Strength. Will explain more later.
  • Streamline – Reduces the amount of energy you need to cast Iron Skin.
  • Blind Rage – Negates the benefit of Streamline but gives you more Ability Strength. A win for us.
  • Vitality – Will give you a few seconds to react when your Iron Skin breaks.
  • Ironclad Charge – Will make Iron Skin a lot better if you charge an enemy before casting it.
  • Fleeting Expertise – Replaces the Efficiency that Blind Rage took away, at the cost of Duration which is useless to us.
  • Transient Fortitude – Again, more Strength at the cost of an inferior stat.

I am also using a Rank 3 Arcane Guardian, but seeing as how expensive it is right now, is less of a priority than the mods, and the build will still work great before you get it.

Most of these mods are Corrupted, and drop in the Orokin Derelict Vaults. Thankfully, I had a lot of platinum saved up and just bought them instead. You should already have Vitality and Steel Fiber from playing the game normally, as they drop frequently. Steel Charge can be purchased from Nightwave.

When you have everything, it should look like this:

Note: Arcane Ice is not relevant to the build and I am only using it because it is the least-terrible thing I could find for that slot. Please disregard it.

Note: You may have also noticed I do not have Transient Fortitude at maximum rank. There is no particular reason for this other than I am saving my credits for other things.

You may also consider replacing Intensify with Umbral Intensify if you have enough mod slots.


This build is not affected by your choice of weapons. Use whatever you like.

How to Use It

Now that you have the unreasonably good build, it’s time to put it to use.

When you get into a mission, find the nearest enemy, face them, press 1 to charge into them, and then immediately after, press 2. This will give you Iron Skin.

Iron Skin is the ability keeping us alive the whole game, and the reason we wanted all that Ability Strength and Armor.

When you cast Iron Skin, you become invincible for about 1 second, and then gain a variable amount of new “skin” that protects you.

The amount of damage you can take before Iron Skin wears off is displayed next to your health. Once this number gets to 0, you will no longer be invincible. Luckily, you can just cast it again.

By the way, as easy as it is, charging before you press 2 isn’t required. I was able to get that 7,000 by just casting Iron Skin as soon as I got into the mission. And 7,000 is more than enough for most missions below level 40 or 50 as long as you don’t go AFK.

The best part about this build is that even if your Iron Skin runs out, by then you will have had enough time to get enough Energy to cast it again four more times. Under the ideal circumstances, you are completely invincible.

However, do not overestimate your abilities; you are not immune to Status Effects and if you walk into the field of a Corpus Nullifier, you will lose the buff. Because of this, I drop what I’m doing and kill those units as soon as I see them.
Even worse, if you fall out of the playable area on an outdoors map, when you respawn, you will have lost your existing Iron Skin buff, which can be a catastrophe if you don’t have any Energy. But generally, neither of these are a major problem as long as you’re paying attention to what you’re doing.

Obviously, like any build, it becomes less effective as you fight against enemies of a higher and higher level. But I’ve found that with the Iron Skin buff, I was still standing quite strong against my Kuva Lich and his army of level 100 Grineer, back when The Old Blood had just been released.

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