Warframe – Umbra Ash Prime Best Build 2020

In this guide, I got 2 builds for you guys. The Fatal Smoke build, which is basically fatal teleport augment mod for teleport, and Smoke Screen. This build is mainly for spy, alt. Frame for loki; then I got Fatal Blade, which is the Fatal Teleport augment mod for Teleport, and Bladestorm. Great for Survival or Defense mission. I go over mods you use for this, arcanes, and how to use the builds properly. You definitely need Umbral mods for this as well as Arcane Energize.

What You Need

  • Arcane Energize
  • Arcane Trickery
  • Umbral Mods
  • Fatal Teleport augment mod

Fatal Smoke Build

Mainly for Spy missions, this allows you to in theory, have infinite invisibility similar to how Loki has in my Loki Build. Setup a Smoke Screen, silently use fatal teleport on enemies til Arcane trickery procs, then keep doing it or go for that OBJ. Recast Smoke Screen when needed and repeat. You can replace Steel Charge with something else. Same with other mods as long you got stats like mines here.

Fatal Blade Build

This build is used when too many enemies near you, so survival or disruption or defense. Activate Smoke screen, 5 seconds to mark all the enemies with mark, and watch your clones do the work for you. If you want to jump in or take out strays, use fatal teleport. Same as my build above, get the stats needed, then put w/e mods you guys want.

The Video Showcase

This video showcases all the builds I have as well as my reasons behind my 2 builds. Usually for those that hate reading can watch this video instead. Also has gameplay demos of the builds just in case you guys aren’t sure the builds are right for you.

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