Warframe – Umbra Frost Prime Best Build 2020

This Guide features 2 builds, The Frost Globe and the Avalanche build AKA Killer Frost. The Frost Globe build is based on HP gain and Avalanche to everything faster than Saryn can at some extent.

What You Need

  • Umbral Mods of course.
  • Chilling Globe(optional, but helps a bit)
  • Arcane Energize x2(recommended but 1 is enough)

Killer Frost (Avalanche Build)

This build is a bit more active than most Nuke builds out there, but faster than Saryn or any other Nuke builds in high to mid levels. What I mean by that is, you have to constantly watch your energy pool, if around half, get energy orbs / energizing dash. Spamming Energizing dash would be useful. The reason for this is at 155 drain, you can only spam this around 2-3 times before you are out of energy. You want to try get a high Str and Range on this, forget Cunning Drift, the range itself without Cunning is fine enough. If a defense map is big, you may need to energize dash from 1 side to another and casting Avalanche each time to fully eliminate everyone on the map.

Frost Globe / Chilling Globe Build (Bubble)

This build is simple, forget range, the bigger the ranger the more shots it gets taken as well as nullifers. This build with those stats alone should tank high levels for around 20 seconds if constantly under fire. But what frost would let their bubble pop right?

The Video Showcase

So this video talks about my reasons behind the mod configs, as well as a example of Frost Globe with a gameplay demo of Avalanche and explaining how this build is different than most builds out there, but is efficient enough to get the job done.

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