Warframe – Umbra Nyx Prime Best Build 2020

In this guide, I go over 2 builds, Absorb/Mine Control and Chaos Build(maybe Mind Control too, if you swap a mod out). So check out this video for a really good strategy for Absorb!

What You Need

Umbral Mods of course, with Assimilate and Mind Freak Augment mods for Absorb Build. x1 Arcane Energize for Absorb build for sure.

Chaos Build

Simple, used for CC and nothing else. Arcanes is up to you.

Absorb / Mind Control Build

Mind Control for the extra killing, be sure to shoot your target you mind controlled for it to do bonus damage at the beginning of the cast. You get around 5 seconds to do so. You may need Mind Freak for the extra 350% this is affected by Strength, thus why you won’t get 500. The Assimilate augment mod is for the moving around. Swap out Agility Drift to whatever you want. Same with the extra Arcane Energize, with the Quality of Life Update, you can’t use 2 same arcanes in 1 Warframe no more.

The Video Showcase

This video contains my reasons behind the mods, but no gameplay demo. If you want to see how the stuff works, watch the video.

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