Warframe – Umbra Rhino Prime Best Build 2020

In this guide, I have 3 builds for you guys. Iron Skin Build, Stomp Nuke Build, and Roar Build. The Iron Skin Build can let you have at least 50k Ferrite Armor, more than enough to last long. The Stomp Nuke Build lets you Nuke enemies just for fun, but not as powerful as the Roar Build, which is actually as good as Chroma’s Vex Armor. Here is how they all work!

What You Need

  • Umbral Mods
  • Ironclad Charge for Iron Skin Build

Iron Skin Build

Use Ironclad Charge to get that bonus armor when you go through enemies. You can use Zenurik to bring them all together if they are tough or Magus Lockdown to lock them down in place, then charge!

Nuke Stomp Build

Better than just CCing, because there are other frames with better CC. Besides even if you do not kill them with Stomp, they will still be slowed down. Great on lith-Meso, Neo is okay but doesn’t kill everything.

Roar Build

Simple, High duration, High Power Strength, High hopes in High levels.

The Video Showcase

This video explains the reasons behind my mod config, as well as a demo for Roar and Stomp.

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