Warframe – Volt Unkillable Tank

Do you really like the concept of Volt, but are dissapointed with his power in higher levels? Well have I got the guide for you! Here is a build and basic ability strategy for making Volt into a near-unkillable tank (this effect also helps teammates so big +).

How to Turn Volt into an Electric Tank

The Build

So, here’s the build for the Tank. These mods are fairly easy to get and this build is heavily expandable with Forma. Capacitance allows your ultimate ability to give you and your teammates an incredibly large amount of overshields that last until you get shot enough. I recommend running a weapon with Condition Overload with this build, as every enemy you face SHOULD be procced by your ultimate ability (which you should be using all the time to upkeep the overshields).

That’s really it, I have alot of fun with this build when I want to relive my 2014 Volt main days. It makes Volt quite viable in mid-late game and allows you to flex with your hefty volt shoulderpads.

Created by Redriel

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