Warframe – Ways to Play Duviri

Three Ways to Play Duviri

After you’ve completed the Duviri Paradox Quest, you’ll have the opportunity to return to Duviri in one of three ways.

Each choice has a unique experience with its own gameplay and rewards! No matter which way you choose to play, your journey in Duviri will begin in Teshin’s Cave, where you can pick your Loadout, customize Drifter Intrinsics, customize your Kaithe and more!

The Lone Story

  • The Lone Story is a streamlined version of Duviri with only the Spiral story for Tenno looking to face the Orowyrm as quickly as possible.

The Duviri Experience

  • Duviri as it is meant to be played – the Open World experience with a story that reflects the current Spiral, along with side activities like Maw Feeding, Kaithe racing, and open exploration. Take full advantage of everything Duviri has to offer with this game mode, Tenno.

The Circuit

  • The Circuit revolves around endless gameplay Objectives set in The Undercroft, amongst the very roots of Duviri. Pick your difficulty and reward track, complete rounds to fill out the track and claim rewards as you complete Objectives! Rewards will rotate weekly to make each delve into the Undercroft unique.

With that, you should be all set to dive into The Duviri Paradox and make the most of each and every adventure! Best of luck surviving the Spirals and moods of the dangerous child king, Dominus Thrax, Tenno. You’ll need it if you ever hope to escape the Paradox once and for all!

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