Warhammer 40.000: Darktide – Crafting Loop

Crafting Loop

Earn Ordo by completing missions.

Buy Weapons from Brunts armory with Ordo. Buy as many as to get 2x 370+ weapons (with stats in areas you like… ammo, finesse, stopping power, first target etc).

Upgrade the LOWER than 370- Weapons to BLUE, and strip all the blessings off them until you have all the blessings.

Upgrade the 370+ Weapons when you have enough Blessings accumulated so that you can make it pretty good.

Keep one weapon above 500 for Damnation Runs.

Run a bunch of malice and Damnation runs to farm Plasteel & Ordo & Melk Contracts.

Repeat the process trying to build 510+ weapons for all your builds… then.. I imagine… keep doing the same until you craft a super weapon.

Keep an Eye out at Melk’s armory for good gear (either great builds OR thos hard to get IV Blessings).

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