Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Avoid or Kill Daemonhosts Effectively

How to avoid or kill Daemonhosts effectively in Warhammer 40k: Darktide.

What is a Daemonhost

Daemonhosts are the new field boss type enemy in darktide that were realeased on nov 26. They are a left for dead witch style enemy which can first be detected by their voice, which is a female in distress arguing with herself.

Once someone disturbs it, the daemonhost will rise off the ground and start chanting. This is your one warning to back off. If you dont back away the host will rip free from its chains and immediately charge the person who triggered it.

The daemon host floats, can teleport, and moves EXTREMELY quickly. It can down a full health reject within several seconds and once this is done its second mechanic will trigger. Any rejects downed will have their souls consumed within a 15-30 second period where the host is channeling.

This is your best moment as a team to kill it otherwise the downed rject will be KILLED and spawn later in the level. If you fail to save the first reject the host will repeat the process on a second victim. IF you also fail to save this one the host will teleport away and possible re-appear later in the level.

How to Avoid Them

  1. Once you hear it immediately everyone stop what you are doing and group up while crouching.
  2. Find out where it is using as little grenades or other aoe attacks as possible to kill all the ads in the area.
  3. Once you have eyes on the host make the decision of whether to try to avoid it or kill it
  4. If avoiding: find a path you all can take one at a time, if its in the middle of a narrower area this is much more important as the exact mechanics of its detection system arent well documented yet but assume its a detection ring.
  5. Once everyone is past the host you are in the clear.

It is important to note that just because you avoided one daemonhost doesnt mean another wont spawn later in the level. At all times keep your ears pealed for its signature sounds.

How to Purge Them

If you have to kill it follow the same rules as before activating events or waves. Make sure everyone is as healed as possible and stocked up on ammo and no other enemies can interfere.

Once this is done designate the most healthy reject as the runner. Your job is to wake the host and then kite it for as long as possible keeping it in range of your allies, block when you can but mostly just RUN, it will kill you. A shield Ogryn is the best choice for this role but a zealot can also work if no Slabs are available.

For everyone else make sure to equip your most single direct damage weapon. Once everyone is ready the runner walks up begins to trigger the host. Once they do this EVERYONE unload and do as much damage as possible during its activation. The host will then do its thing and the runner will kite and and keep it in a good open area. Once the runner goes down is your second main damage phase while the host does its instant kill move to the downed runner. By this point you should be able to kill it, just remain calm and keep dealing damage. If its higher level dificulty have a backup runner who will get into melee with the host after the first is dead.

Heres the method summarized for those who dont want to read the abobe paragraph

  1. See the daemonhost
  2. Designate the runner who is going to give it a good smack ( the healthiest reject)
  3. Everyone heal and stock up on ammo
  4. The runner gets close and triggers first warning (shield ogryn if possible using Bulwark)
  5. The rest of the team surrounds it outside of its circle
  6. On the runners command everyone uses their most damaging weapon on it at once while the runner enters into melee in order to attain aggro.
  7. Host rushes the runner, the runner kites and keeps aggro for as long as possible
  8. Everyone else keeps hitting it till it dies.
  9. ???
  10. Profit!

In Conclusion

Just use witch rules from left for dead. Respect the Daemonhost and dont leeroy jenkins it or you will get half your team killed. If anyone has advice or tips to share please comment it down below.

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