Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Tips for Noobs

Tips for Those Who Never Played…

It’s about getting through alive, not who has the most kills. Check out your teammates, stay close to them and help them when they get in trouble. As a noob, the biggest mistake you can make is to run headlong into enemies and lose all situational awareness. By the way, that’s the most important thing in these games, your situational awareness.

Don’t be afraid to look around often to make sure where your friends are and where your enemies are coming from. As a noob, it makes sense to block more often or to use the new sprint function when things get too hot. Also, you should kill the little ones along with the others as quickly as possible in case larger enemies appear. Don’t forget that it’s about making it through the mission alive, not your stats.

In Vermintide past easiest difficulties it is more important too avoid damage than to try and kill quickly. Hordes are just too dense to kill them all before one of them gets in a swing.

If you are gonna be mag dumping, try to get an angle so you aren’t putting all those rounds into an allies back.

Stick with the party, don’t run ahead. This is especially important as the shield mechanic requires the group being close to each other to recharge.

Combat: Start with the shooting, when opponents get in melee range switch to melee. While in melee block and dodge.

If surrounded use melee and use blocks, push, dodges, and parries and check your rear. prioritize avoiding and taking out bigger/tougher enemies such as elites and specials. headshots and special attacks for more damage.

Look up the keybindings, see if the one for pinging/highlighting something is favorable for you or change it. It’s amazing how easier it is if people can actually see your callouts.

That includes special enemies or useful consumable/usable items.

One other thing to note, lad. Q is your friend, since like Vermintide 2, Darktide will have a lot of melee combat, so being able to quickly switch between ranged and melee weaponry is a must.

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