Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Tips for Psyker

Quick Nice to Know Things for The Psyker

In my opinion the Psyker is a really good class that can deal with basically everything except taking damage.

You have crowd control options and you have a really good way of dealing with elites and ranged units.

Here’s a few tips for the class:

  • 1) Psykers most important tool is their brain burst ability. This ability deals an insane amount of damage and can one shot almost every special enemy type.

By holding LMB you can lock on to an enemy and the wait until the enemys brain pops.

One exceptionally important aspect of this skill is that it does not need a line of sight once you have started charging the skill and you’ve locked on to your enemy.

This means that you can quickly lock on to a target (like a ranged enemy) and then hide behind a cover and wait until you hear that BLOB sound.

You can also hold RMB to charge the ability in advance without locking on to an enemy. I use this sometimes for example when I hear the dog coming at me. When I have LOS on the doggo, I can instantly one shot it with the ability.

  • 2) You can hold R key when you have the Brain burst ability active or your sword in hand, in order to start cooling down your Peril-meter faster. This allows you to keep firing brain burst from far away at important targets.
  • 3) After each brain burst kill, you gain a Warp charge that gives you +3% damage increase for 20s. You can stack four of these. That gives you +12% damage increase. Use this when you’re going to fight tough enemies.
  • 4) Using your ultimate ability (F key by default) instantly resets your peril-meter.

This means that you can molest your brain to 100% peril and then fire away your ultimate in order to reset your peril and you can keep using your mighty brain again.

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