Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Jumper Psyker Build (Mele-ish) – Warp Dmg, Mobility, Shielding

This guide helps you build a Psyker which is somewhat different in playstyle than most Heat-builds which are based upon the Witchfire-Firestorm combo. The Aether blade lets you move faster than any assasin, and even while staying mostly in melee range, this build will let you evade all and any damage throughout your runs.

Altought perfectly viable in solo, the build is most fun while playing in coop with a friend, having great synergies with any high-dmg character, shocking and stunning all mob-blobs in entire fights, while being able to tank all damage incoming.


Note: Credit goes to Urscumug

Your must-have weapon and the pillar of this build is the Aether Blade. it lets you get in range to use your Bio-Lightning to maximum effect, and fly through maps in high speed. It’s cooldown is almost non-existent, although it’s damage is quite low too, it’s attack is mainly used to lower warp-heat.

For a second item, using Warp Rod is advised, but you can use any other one-handed rod according to your preference. I’m using Warp Rod for it’s higher range, AOE dmg, low animation speed, and the almighty Shock effect.

The other two items are not exactly essential, you can use other items and methods according to you preferred playstyle or to variate gameplay through ought your grinds, but I found these two to be most effective in keeping me safe in higher difficulties.

Warpbound Armor– best if it’s got some +HP with a Shard, and the +100% Warp damage Psalm-Code, but those are not essential on lower levels. You will use the additional spellslot provided to use Precognition.

Rosarius Force Field– Provides additional safety, another layer of invulnerability over Precognition. Other shielding items or a Stun Grenade can be effective too for this slot.

In general, you’re going to want Warp damage, Suppression damage and Critical bonuses (+bonus damage for Biomancy powers) for enchants to your items.

Psychic Powers

This is the main column of this build. With the help of the Warpbound Armour’s extra spell slot, 3 powers can be used besides your weapons’ basic skills.

Constrict- does incredible damage to targets without suppression. Your build will help you melt down the suppression of your high-HP enemies, this skill will let you finish them with a single blow after they’re softened by your Bio-lightning. Use Enhanced Effect, Exploit Weakness and Reduced Cooldown masteries on it.

Bio-lightning– Essential power in this build, can be equipped with masteries most spells can’t use. Use Temporal Stasis, Phase Through and Dismantle masteries.

Precognition- An other essential skill to use. With the arrival of new patches, now it gives complete damage immunity to you if it stays active. Remember- increasing it’s duration helps it soak up great amounts of damage, that’s why using the Psychic Boon Perk is a must. Use Extra Duration, Reduced Cost, and Reduced Cooldown masteries on it.


The character I’m using as an example is at level 68, on higher levels more points are going to be available for you, I’m advising you spend them on the Debuffs and Movement trees.

In this character the main focus is on Critical hits, and Defense trees.

Criticals are a must have in any potent character build. I’m focusing and maxing the Defense tree to maximize safety. You might get in situations where your Precognition and other shields wear down in high-level battles, but you don’t want to retreat, or die from a single blow of a Voidripper. Maxing out this tree provides a third layer of safety to your character, making you almost unkillable, even in the toughest fights.

The Debuffs tree has the Transfer Strain and Castigation skills, the others are going to help you deal higher suppression damage and capitalize on the debufffs you’re going to apply with your spells and Warp rod.

In the Psychic Combat tree take Exploit Weakness and Dismantle.

From Psychic Debuffs take Phase Through, Vulnerability and Temporal Stasis.

Taking Field Surgery from the Health tree is another essential skill every character should have.

Attributes, Perks

I’m mostly spending my attribute points on the Force bar to maximize damage, simple as that.

For Perks, I’m using Psychic Boon to double the effectiveness of my Precognition shield. This is the only perk I consider essential to this build.

The other two perks are Cull the Weak and Warp Heat Dissipation, as I found them to synergize well with everything else in this build.

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