Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • When you buy Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, you might buy it with additional DLCs or in a bundle with Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Prophecy. All of the content (including Prophecy) can be accessed by launching Martyr itself.
    • Prophecy can be a stand alone game, but I only recommend installing it and using it that way if you don’t have Martyr. Additionally, all of the Steam achievements are only able to be completed on Martyr.
    • At the moment, the Sororitas (or Battle Sister) is another separate class that can be purchased, but it DOES NOT come with an additional campaign or version of the game.
    • Everything else that is listed as a DLC can actually be purchased with an in-game currency called “Fate” which is earned by playing through the game. If you want to save a bit of money, purchase just the base game (Martyr), Prophecy, and the Sororitas, then use your Fate for the rest!
    • The base game, DLCs and Prophecy are regularly on sale for ~75% off, so unless you want a game NOW, waiting can definitely save you money.
  • When creating a character:
    • You should first choose a class.
      • Crusader: usually either played as a sword and board style or heavy ranged weapons. The class has one of the largest options of playstyles available. 
      • Assassin: can wield a large variety of weapons and can do anything from melee AoE to being a stealth sniper. It has the option of being the fastest character with a certain perk (along with the psyker in a certain armour).
      • Psyker: basically a wizard/mage, he can equip various spells and blessings and customize them using masteries. Using these spells fills a warp heat bar which releases random events (with increasing frequency as warp heat level rises). Some events are helpful globes, but most are either enemies or spells that damage or crowd control your character.
      • Tech-adept: basically a summoner, he controls various types of constructs (robots) with many options for melee or ranged, single target or AoE, tanky or glass cannon.
    • Once your class is chosen, you will then be asked to choose your expertise (which is like a subclass). If you are a min-max type of player (like me), your decision will matter, but it will be a VERY small amount.
    • In the bottom left of the screen there is a seasonal checkbox. Check it if you want your character to play in the season (which usually lasts about 6 months on PC). The season contains everything that the non-season has, plus some additional items and game modes/features. Most active players play in the season when it is running (many of whom ONLY play in the season), so if you are looking to play with others, that is your best chance.
    • Just below that is a story-mode checkbox. This is a way of making the game easier for new players. I don’t recommend this box if you have played other ARPGs.
  • You can have up to 11 character slots.
  • Schalimah: There used to be an issue (and still might be) where DoTs stack faster if you have more than 60 FPS. For this reason: I recommend not trying to play on higher than 60 FPS!
  • Your ping to the server you are connected to can be seen in the top right corner of the screen during coop missions.
  • If you are finding that the three stash tabs is not enough, there is an option in the bottom left of the character screen to link your account. Doing so will unlock a fourth tab.
    • Note: It will not accept fake emails from temp-mail.org.
    • There was also a fifth tab available for unlock during season 2 (or maybe 3).
  • Me: It would be great if the stash sorted by rarity after sorting by type, especially for psalms.
    • Schalimah: If you sort by rarity and then by type, the psalms will be sorted like this:
  • When placing attribute points in, you can hold control to place all remaining points at once. This NO LONGER exceeds the cap of 25 points in any attribute as of season 5.
    • Characters that are already overcapped will remain so until you redistribute the attributes. Additionally, if you are capped and you earn a specific attribute point, that too will go over the cap.
  • urgrandpasdog: protip: If you search up somebody with the “Find Player” function in the social menu and then click their name and let their account info card load in, the name will appear as an autocomplete option in the mail system the same way it does when you go to mail to someone on your friends list.
  • Wolfilein: [About white consumables sold by Van Wynter] It’s just the color and that they don’t stack with each other in the stash…fun fact: if you have “purple” one in your inventory, buying a white one from Ragna will turn the bought one purple too.
  • In addition to regular attacks, channeling skills can still execute during their continuous animation (but only if you hit the execute button, even on bosses).
  • Hitting escape cancels out the execute animation.
  • If you are ever trying to add up your stat bonuses and they don’t seem to match the character sheet, make sure you close out the window, then open it again. The character sheet doesn’t update dynamically when you change items (it just counts them up when opened). If the numbers that you added are still off by 1, it is likely because the numbers on the gear are rounding (though the decimals aren’t shown), so the total is a bit different.
  • The recommended and optimal rule for missions is to always run them as high as you can without having a noticeable decrease in clearing speed.
  • Wolfilein: If you open the chat-window, there is a “settings” menu. There you can change your region.

Leveling Guide


  • Breaon: in co-op games, does it matter where the person you are taxiing is? They get full xp by sitting at the starting point?
    • Schalimah: they can even be dead and still get all the XP
  • In case you are looking for a powerlevel (also called a taxi in the Martyr Discord), here is some benchmark data on the amount of time for powerleveling:
    • Level 46 after 15 minutes
    • Level 62 after 30 minutes
    • Level 70 after 45 minutes
  • It is also estimated that 0-90 is about 3 hours and 90-100 is another 3 hours.

Item tips for leveling:

  • Getting items with relic quality or above can be a nice boost, particularly if they have useful enchants. With the exception of weapons, sell anything except relics and break down and relics that you don’t need, as wasting a lot of money and materials early on doesn’t provide as much benefit. With weapons, damage is the most important attribute and higher level means a higher damage range.
  • Once you reach around level 80, it is more important to hang onto items with more enchants (preferably 6 total) than with the correct enchants if the rarity is below archeotech relic, because everything else can be rerolled, but enchants cannot be added. Additionally, the additional enchant will give more value than the difference in range because of level will.
    • Schalimah on loot: what items are actually worth keeping may take time but you will get there eventually. The very basic rule is at least level 90 and 6 enchants. Very few ancient relics are worth keeping. Eye of Insanity, Main Implant of Wrath, Purity Seal of Trauma and Signum of Wisdom (with as low a level as possible) are the main ones. There are a couple others but almost all of the rest can be sold without further thought. Don’t keep weapons that you aren’t actually going to play with just because they are “rare”.

Heroic Deed Guides

  • Schalimah: A great place to do a lot of heroic deeds during seasons are the tutorial missions where seasonal mechanics aren’t present.
    • Me: this is especially true for heroic deeds that require only doing damage in certain ways.
  • Grimstalker: The “Infoslave Protocols” heroic deed can be unlocked by completing a “Hot Pursuit” mission, which is only available in void crusades. The Amber void crusade has one somewhere on the left side of the tree.
  • Grimstalker: The “complete missions using only psychic powers” heroic deed can be unlocked by completing a “Hot Pursuit” mission, which is only available in void crusades. The Amber void crusade has one somewhere on the left side of the tree.
  • For the “deal damage only with turrets” heroic deed, make sure you don’t drop turrets on enemies, as drop damage counts as character damage and thus ruins the deed.
  • Gandreg: You can unlock the heroic deed “Holy Juggernaut” with a force shield instead of an equipped shield.
  • If you are trying to unlock a heroic deed by taking damage, you don’t take damage if you are shielded.
  • If you are trying to unlock the heroic deed for “dealing with traps”, you have to destroy the skulls that trigger them (possibly before they activate).
    • The Emissary confirms this: don’t know about that, this season, I decided to keep count, it only counted the ones I destroyed first, which aren’t that hard with a mouse and keyboard, just have to keep your eyes open and change your angle of view.
  • Cobramax76: For heroic deeds including component types, you can gain more than one point per inoculator use, but ONLY if each component is UNIQUE.
  • Th3 0r1g1nal: I found the issue with the Magos Biologis heroic deed. It is either because of the new relic inoculator “Echoing Hatred”, or that it doesn’t recognise the multi coloured slot as a booster component.
    • This needs further testing. It may just be that the Magos Biologis deed requires 250 activations with one equipped while the other just needs 250 individual components used, but the description doesn’t state that.
  • Aarkken: Any tips to get the Hallowed Rejuvenation heroic deed? The heal banner seems kinda bad.
    • Schalimah: stand in a low level mission and let a couple enemies shoot at you. Once your health is low, drop the banner. repeat until you healed for 100k or your charges run out.
    • Aarkken: Thanks, I figured out another way to do it. I just ran the Pervid Fury act of faith, and used it to damage myself low while running missions and then dropped a Benediction banner down for an instant heal. It works fine and I could do it on the move while clearing.
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