Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest – Tips & Tricks for New Players

I took the liberty of writing a little guide to help out new players, as there is a lot of stuff that can be confusing to newcomers.

I wont go into a lot of depth, at least not starting out. I just want to provide some general gameplay advice and tips, to help out any new players with questions about the gameplay mechanics. Hopefully this will help out some of you.

Starting Out

Note: Credit goes to FateWeaver

The game provides you a lot of free stuff to begin with, in the form of instant build timers, and generous rewards for completing objectives, but this obviously wont last.

So it is in your best interest to take advantage of the game’s systems.

Part One: Join An Alliance!

To begin with, you should join an alliance as soon as you are able. Being a member of an alliance gives you access to a fair few mechanics that will help you grow in power, rapidly, compared to lone wolf players.

I will list them here.

The Alliance Assistance.

Alliance Assistance is a boost to your build time, and research time, that your alliance members can provide you. Each time you start a construction process, or ritual research process, you can click alliance assist, next to the construction timer, or research timer.

This will shave off time from the time remaining, and it is a free action that costs nothing for the other alliance members, in fact it gives them 100 free alliance coins for doing so!

So make sure you apply your alliance assistance whenever you build, or research, something. As both you, and your alliance gain from this.

Alliance Assistance Material Donations.

You can also ask your alliance for crafting material donations. This you can access from the Daemonic Forge, when you click on the required materials for a crafting recipe.

The higher tier the materials you ask for is, the less your alliance can provide you at the same time.

This is very handy for new players, as veteran alliance members likely have a ton of low tier crafting materials they never use much.

Alliance Spoils.

The Alliance Spoils is a pool of loot you can dip into from your alliance page. Every time alliance members do something notable, such as vanquish a foe, buy something from the store, complete a challenge, or event, you get free loot.

Same goes for your notable actions, and you even get free loot from what you yourself did. So win win for everyone. And to make it even better, your alliance spoils level up, the more alliance spoils you pick up.

So the alliance spoils get better and better, and soon rivals the rewards you get from challenges, and events.

Alliance Resource Trading.

Being a part of an alliance brings other benefits too, like being able to trade resources.

This comes in handy if you need a resource other alliance members got excess of, or vice versa.

Trading is also good for recovery, when you eventually get attacked in PVP by a hostile player. So if you belong to a well functioning and nice alliance, there is no shame in asking for some recovery donations, as the alliance benefits from you being up and running again anyway.

Part Two: Resource Acquisition

The resources you get from your resource production buildings is very sparse, even after you upgrade them. And your storage capacity is limited.

But… It turns out you can store more resources than you would think, as storage capacity is only relevant for resource production. When you run out of storage capacity your resource production buildings cease to produce the resource that you are at max capacity of.

But, you can store as much excess resources as you want, from gathering resources from the world map, with your armies. And this is how you will do your primary resource acquisition, gathering them up, manually.

Resource nodes range in tier from 1-6, usually, but there are world events where resource nodes swell to even higher tiers, such as the event called Boon of Slaanesh.

Depending on the tier of the resource node, the gathering speed is increased, and the amount of resources you can gather increases. So try to go for the higher tier resource nodes first, in your surrounding area.

The best resource nodes spawn in the Middle Empire, and Southern Empire, parts of the World Map. If you go down there to farm up resources, remember to wear a fortress shield, as players down there are usually overwhelmingly powerful. As long as you wear a shield, they can not attack your fortress, no matter how powerful they are.

At the start of the game, you will have few army marches, and few troops to put in them, so getting some Dragon Ogre Shaggoth Warlords, which have increased gathering capacity for the army march they lead, will help you out a lot.

These are some of the cheapest warlords in the game, so you are likely to get a lot of them, while playing the game.

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