Warhammer: Chaosbane – Elessa Deadly Glow / Pet Build Guide, Chaos 5 Viable

Here’s a simple guide for a pet build on the Scout where you can easily do Chaos 5.

Video for those who want to see the end boss killed on chaos 5, and I also show the tree, gear and skills: 

Full Deadly Glow (Starlight) set.
Dagger: Executors
Bow: Master Archer Bow
Neck: Amber Talisman
Rings: 2x Untamed Ring (You don’t have to use 2, but use at least 1. The damage from them doesn’t stack but having 2 increases the chance of the proc going off.

Generator: Sureflight Arrow (Mastered) (You can swap this for Crippling Blade for Single Target if you want to for slightly more damage and energy regen)
Spender: Elven Shot (Mastered)
Cooldown 2: Queens Wrath (Rank 1)
Cooldown 2: Defiler’s Reckoning (Rank 3)
Cooldown 3: Call of the Spirits (Heroic – This is from the set)

Passive 1: Hallowed Spirits (Mastered)
Passive 2: Tactical Retreat (Mastered) (You can change this for something else if you want more damage on easier content)
Passive 3: Lone Hunter (Mastered)

Bless links are:
2 link: R-G
3 link: B-R-G
Single: Y

God Skill Tree:

Created by Timely

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