Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Easy Trail of Treachery

This is one of the easiest maps in the game. I’ll tell you why.

Cog Event

I’m going to spoil something for you. The spawns are not infinite. If you kill enough of them, the event ends.

So, when you pull that switch, just hug the walls in that tower and wait for enemies to come. Kill them. Easy. There can be a bit of a gap between waves, so if you run down and some more spawn, just run back up.

Sleigh Event

Technically, this is the same event as the cog event. However, as soon as you pull the second switch, a new wave of enemies will appear. They are also not infinite.

My recommendation is to run to the big (unbroken) house, the one that is opposite the exit, as soon as the switch is pulled. When you are in there, you are protected from all the blightstormers and junk. Easy.

Crypt Event

Guess what? This event is also not infinite. It is front loaded, spawning many enemies at the start. After they are dead, only a small wave of minions will appear periodically.

I would recommend using your potions and bombs on the first wave and boss. There’s no reason to use them after, because it is easier towards the end.

  1. As soon as Olesya’s cut scene is triggered, run to the underground crypt. Don’t stay and watch her. The crypt is a very safe location, because specials can’t bother you effectively. Do not bother with the torch, because taking it will spawn more enemies.
  2. Once the spawns slow down (because you killed them all), go and use the torch on the urn in the underground crypt. Wait here again to kill the new waves and boss. Do not go for the torch again, until you have dealt with all the enemies.
  3. Each urn will spawn a new wave, so be ready for it. I don’t recommend fighting at the urns, because it’s easy to get surrounded, so move away from the urns whenever you use a torch.

Extra Tips

If you’re doing this on Cataclysm, here are a few extra tips.

  1. Go all out for every wave at the end event. Each one is dangerous, and you should not save your ults or items.
  2. If you light two of the bonfires throughout the level, you will unlock a secret area full of items within the end event arena. You can use this to restock, between waves. The entrance is the sewer hole in the underground crypt.
  3. Ranger is clutch, because you can farm specials and collect items if you run out, between waves. This means you can potentially have 4 bombs and 4 potions for each wave, if you really want to.
  4. If you’re playing with bots, the right path after the cog event is super buggy and dangerous. After lighting the bonfire, rush to the sleigh and try to get out as fast as possible. Stay on the sleigh’s path, ignore the house, and hope the bots don’t get stuck. Ideally you want the left path.
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