Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Infinite Ammo Mercenary

Lots of bullets.

Which Talents?

Row 2 needs to be choice #3. Helborg’s Tutelage. This gives you controlled crit proc, sort of like Bounty Hunter.

Row 3 could be choice #3. General power up increases your range damage, the others do not.

Row 5 needs to be choice #3. This turns your 2 ammo regen into 3 ammo regen.

Weapon Stats


Something slower will be nicer. This is because you can more easily keep track of your Helborg’s Tutelage talent. It’s your decision, though.


This guide specifically focuses on the Repeater Rifle. This is because it gains 3 ammo on every crit, when you are using Scrounger trait and Black Market Supplies talent.

Crit needed?

If you are using Helborg’s Tutelage talent, then all crit increases are useless. This means you can use other properties instead, like damage increases.

How Does It Work?

When using the Scrounger trait and Black Market Supplies talent, the repeater rifle will gain 3 ammo back on every crit. With Helborg’s Tutelage talent, shooting at a target nonstop, you have exactly 115 ammo.

To extend your ammo further, you can keep track of your Helborg’s Tutelage. Sadly it is not designed as intuitively as it could be. The counter for 1 and 5 look exactly the same. This means you don’t know if you are at 1 or 5. If any Fatshark employees are reading this, I would suggest making it easier to understand.

If you are at a count of 4, then I would take a mental note to hit something and then shoot right after. This allows you to generate 3 ammo.

Note that you don’t have to do this all the time. I would only advise doing it when it’s convenient or when your ammo count is getting low enough to warrant it. It’s sort of like playing Bouny Hunter.

Created by Bathrobe Rat

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