Warmachine Tactics – Dark Seduction Guide

Dark Seduction

This is a guide to Dark Seduction. I noticed there isn’t really any other guide online so I’m gonna create a shitty one. Consider it the ramblings of an old sailor. Also note I will only cover the gimmicks of each mission. I will assume you beat the first campaign so that means you already have a handle on cheesing the AI.

Mission 1

The biggest gimmick of this mission is the barricade at the beginning. The only way to beat it is to use Denegrha’s Ghost Walk ability. Note that the Cleansers are scary, so stay out of their 8 range danger zone, preferably in cover to the right of the danger zone labeled in my picture. Once in cover, use Ghost Walk to move the Death Rippers through the building and kill the Cleansers. Note that technically you can use Denegrha’s spells to snipe a Cleanser before doing the Ghost Walk with venom/influence/Scourge, but it is a bit annoying and tedious to pull off.

Rest of the mission you have to take it slow and use Scourge/Venom.

Mission 2

This mission has two gimmicks. The two warjacks at the beginning, and the warjacks at the end. 

For these two warjacks. 

The warjacks have 10 range on their flamethrowers. Hailey has 12 range on her Arcane Bolt. Thus you can snipe one over two turns, then rush down the other one with your Lancer to lock it in melee and stop it from using its flame thrower.

The next gimmick is the infinitely respawning trio of Cinerators. The issue here is that you have to fight off the trio, while simultaneously killing the group of enemies behind the barricade. 

The cheese is to kill two Cinerators, and leave one alive, because the trio only respawn when you kill all three. Then put an Arcane Shield on your Lancer, to tank the Cinerator. Then use Haley to Arcane bolt the dumb AI in the barricade to death. 

Mission 3

This mission is the first mission that requires you to understand that some of your units may die, but the mission comes first. 

The main objective of “Taking Haley’s Soul” is to just smack her once with Deneghra’s melee attack.

So you just move forward, grinding out the enemy, and taking special care that Jarok Croe doesn’t die from the Gun Mages. 

Then you make a break for it with Deneghra and try to smack Haley with a melee attack. Note that Haley has a shield around her that forces units to only walk and be unable to sprint.

Mission 4

Brain dead mission. If you have trouble with this mission past 1-2 resets max, ask help from Jesus.

Mission 5

This mission is just like Mission 3 in the sense that you have to sacrifice your army for the objective. Rush forward, kill what you can and use your units as ablative armor. 

Note that influence is a spell that Deneghra can cast, so just walk up, cast it and win.

Mission 6

Mission 6’s main gimmick is that you have to kill everybody. It also introduces the most annoying enemy in the game, the Pistol Wraith. Pistol Wraiths shoot twice, and hit hard. They only take damage from Haley’s Magic Bolt, Chain Lighting, and GunMages. 

Note: Gun Wraiths lose their protection when they make an attack for one turn, so normal units can technically attack them after they attack, but make sure to check the hit percentage.

Deploy like I do. Kill the RIGHT Pistol Wraith using Haley’s Arcane Bolt, and the Gunmage’s shot. Use Haley and her two Battle Mechs to clear the right side, and your other units to clear the left side.


There are three triggers that spawn enemies.

Killing the three Brute Thralls spawns Bane Thralls, and killing the Defiler spawns Mechanithralls. The Lich and Warjacks spawn when you walk around that last area with any unit. ONLY trigger it when all of the other enemies are killed. Also note that it only spawns if you walk into the trigger. This made me really sad when I could find out how to trigger this jank ass boss wave.

Mission 7

This mission is mainly about killing civilians and spawning zombies. Note that it doesn’t matter where you kill the civilians, you can spawn zombies from any of the green squares with the Ventress Clones.

Make sure Denegrha’s War Jacks are in the town square to fight. You need to kill all enemy War Jacks to end the mission. Take it slow, and try not to agro enemies until you get enough zombies spawned. The Ventress clones can only make 3 zombies round from dead bodies.

There is an ambush a few turns in there with like 3 melee, 3 “ranged” will sprint to melee range. 

Don’t walk into no no zone, unless you want to trigger the pod of enemies labeled “Ignore”.

Mission 8

This mission is a slog. The main danger is the huge amount of Pistol Wraiths that are immune to everything except Gun Mages, and Haley. Focus fire those with your Gun mages and Haley. Note that you can snipe a Ventress Clone with the Defender from that spot to stop spawns. 

When there is a huge group of enemies locked in melee with your army make sure to use Haley’s FEAT. Her feat also lets units double attack with basic melee, but note that Storm Blade’s two melee ranged combo does not count.

Mission 9

Rush Haley. You can use Ghost Walk on Deneghra to cross the wall in order to “Steal Haley’s Soul aka Bonk Haley with Denegrha’s stick aka a normal melee attack. You also need to kill 10 people, but I’m sure you can do that.

Note: You can get the Achievement by saving right before you smack Haley with Denegrha’s stick. Then you reload and smack Haley. The game then thinks that nobody died, and you get the achievement as you win the mission.

  • Hyper Focused – Complete Mission 9 of Dark Seduction without any units dying.

Important: The game didn’t let me save on Mission 10, so you should save right before you hit Haley with Denegrha’s stick. 

Mission 10

Scramble the front right most warjack and move towards your gun men. 

Two enemy War Jacks will target Defender, and one will Target the Lancer. They both will die, but in the meantime run along the route.

When you get the WarJack you have to reactivate it. By the time you get to it you will have to fight the two enemy Warjacks.

Eventually you want to set up a kill box like this to clean up the infinitely spawning enemies.

Then the lone War Jack in the top right that killed our poor Lancer. It stays there after it kills it because my units were too far away for it to activate. You can handle with Haley. MAX range SCRAMBLE spell it until the mission objective is finished. Then Dominate and move it towards Deneghra. You only have to smack her once to win the mission. 

Note: SAVE SCUM. 90% to dominate is not Guaranteed.

The enemy Warjack gets one movement when controlled, and one more movement when you deselect Haley. When your turn ends, the enemy gets it back and the Warjack moves about 3-4 tiles so stay away.

Note: Just killing Deneghra gives you the message that what you did is not the ending and restarts the mission.

Note: You can get the achievement by save scumming right before you hit Deneghra with the Dominated Warjack.

  • This Is My Story – Complete Mission 10 of Dark Seduction without adding any units or warjacks to Haley’s squad.

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