WARSAW – Late Game Tactics Guide

This guide will help explain not-so-seriously how to become an unstoppable killing machine. It only focuses on gameplay and not the story so it’s spoiler free.


First, you will need some preparations before using this technique. Basically, you will need to unlock Krzysztof’s, Jadwiga’s, Kazimierz’s and one other character’s that can appear at the start personal missions. There is already a guide explaining how to do it and what the prizes are. Also, please note that this is setup for Normal game difficulty but I think it can be used on higher levels with or without more personal missions unlocked.

The question: Why do we need personal missions?

The answer: For 3000+ exp on each character and powerful LMG at the start.

Let’s Start, Shall We?

First, you will need to pick those three characters, yes, you guessed it, Kazimierz, Krzysztof and Jadwiga. Difficulty level is a matter of choice here but I would go with Normal for it will not make you stressed out.

You will need to always pick personal missions and try to NOT get in combat with enemies. After first mission, there should be New Blood event. Characters that can appear:

Franek – good addition to the team, can remove suppression, give attack buffs for destroving heavy-armored enemies and attack almost any place with his Retrieve skill that will also give ammo on kill. Not a damage dealer but trust me, we have enough damage dealers here already.

Karol – pretty useless here if you ask me. His weapons aren’t powerful, skills are mainly for damage dealing which we don’t need here, there are no skills that would give benefits to the team, he’s like a lone wolf.

Marian – isn’t bad for taunt and suppresion, as well as burning enemies, can also act as an additional option when fighting heavy armored enemies, as he can use shieldbreaker.

Anna – isn’t bad when paired with Thompson M1. Can quickly snipe everyone they can and then use her own smg skill to deal high damage to 2 enemies, while also being able to give suppression to a tank or place a disguise.

Janos – meh. Can be used for finishing single enemies or giving second wind to heavily wounded characters by taking damage for them. Those are rare situations here though.

Konstanty – can be paired with grim courage to deal massive anount of damage and even one-shot kill enemies if not used the whole battle (which is easier than it sounds). Just don’t rely on his spade, it only looks cool.

Marian – can be used as good support, as he can just buff almost entire team with defense and offense buffs as well as give them his own buffs via enemies buffing. “All-buff build” is something I actually never tried with him so it might only look good on paper.

Henryk – good choice for additional action per turn and repositioning, as well as stamina restoring and aura-skill for dodge. Yes, no attack set-up is the one I prefer the most.

Wanda – In THEORY she can be given the Happy Vendor of Kazimierz’s and that way, we will have two heavy-weapon users. I also think she has more health than Kazimierz but I am not sure. If you want to use her as a replacement for Kazimierz, do it, but not as a 4th character, it just doesn’t work.

If I didn’t mention a character here, it just means it would be pointless to go with him anyway. If you have gotten a weak character, you can either play with it and wait for better one to come or restart the run, for it is only the first mission and won’t take much time.

Also, remember how the team goes:

  • Jadwiga – Main core
  • Kazimierz – DMG Dealer no. 1
  • Krzysztof – DMG Dealer no. 2 (better but needs additional support from Jadwiga for full potential)
  • 4th character – support role, no damage dealing needed (doctor can be used here but I haven’t unlocked him yet).

The same team will always go on a mission, wounds won’t be a problem as long as you will do what the guide says. You need to do an T-formation, with Jadwiga standing near EVERY ally, or AT LEAST the Kazimierz and Krzysztof. Also, do note that Jadwiga should always be at the 2nd row from left, so she will be able to use Deploy Stimulants, which is a very important skill in this playstyle.

Character Progression

Character progression aka how to spend xp 101. Pro Tip: if you still have some xp on you, spend it all on perks, mainly the accuracy and resilience.

Krzysztof – perks. Accuracy first, then resilience, then dodge, then health. You can get the Contemplation skill if you don’t have Franek in team or just don’t want to rely on luck of him giving you the AP buff.

Kazimierz – the same perks as with Krzysztof, you can get Rowdy Fellow if you want, I never needed it though, as it makes every attack cost one stamina more, which is a very bad drawback here, even with Jadwiga giving stamina back.

Jadwiga – Get the Quick Fix as soon as you can. After that, aim for Soothing Presence for bonus stamina. Then Ongoing Care, then Deploy Stimulants. You can get stimulants before any of these but Quick Fix for great spamming technique that I will explain later.

Other characters:

  • Franek – Support Package, Retrieve (optional), Personal Missive.
  • Konstanty – Grim Courage, Banish, Showdown (optional).
  • Marian – Wall of Flames or Rabble Rouser.
  • Martin – every buffing skill.
  • Karol – I honestly have no f-ing clue. He is so bad here that just no.
  • Janos – Shared Burden, Reckoning, Camaraderie (optional), Will to Live.
  • Anna – Covering Fire, Phantom Motions, Decoy, Cap Off.
  • Henryk – Coordinated Positioning, Embolden, Superior Command.
  • Every other character – No idea. Experiment.

Builds and Formations

Here, I will present the builds for each important character. You can use the ones that I won’t talk about here but I am not sure if there really is a point (except the doctor but I don’t have him yet aaa)

Krzysztof – “Talon” and PIAT or Panzerschreck. If you have Wanda’s personal mission unlocked and she will come to you, you will get better Panzerschreck, but it won’t have Clear Out. Decision is yours.


Target Acquired is the most important thing here. One-Two is good too but can be replaced with other skill if necessary, for example, when fighting tanks. Then we come to the Heavy Weapons. Clear Out is very good skill but Mangler Shot aims for four enemies at once and has high armor-penetration value. My build idea? Give Krzysztof every weapon skill and only when fighting tanks, replace One-Two with Contemplation.

Kazimierz – “Happy Vendor” and Kar98k. You might ask why would I use the starting rifle? Well, it’s because of it’s cheat Single Shot skill, perfect for finishing enemies. Helena’s personal mission offers better Kar98k with this skill, which I highly recommend.


Fake Out is a very good skill for not only suppresion but also moving enemy, which is a must-have. We also need Mow Down which is his main damaging skill. Single Shot for damaging opponents for a small price in long ammo. Fourth skill can be either Scavenger or Rowdy Fellow, though I don’t like using the second one. Forget about Crack Open though, it’s pretty useless with it’s small damage.

Jadwiga – Literally any gun.


Deploy Stimulants, Quick Fix, Ongoing Care, Soothing Presence. Nothing else. (In theory, if you have Soteria equipped, you can use Guardian Angel as a good-damaging two-tile move. Just not in this build.)

The Formation Part from this point.

Krzysztof should be always at 1st row from the left, so he will be able to use One-Two. Jadwiga should always be next to him, in the 2nd row, so she will be able to use Deploy Stimulants. Kazimierz should be next to Jadwiga to get her buffs, yet on the back rows so he will be able to use Mow Down. For the 4th character…

  • Franek – 3rd row, near Jadwiga. Build would be Personal Missive, Retrieve, Bandage Bundle and Support Package
  • Marian – Either in the same place as Franek when having Wall of Fire or in the middle of Kazimierz and Krzysztof to give them burn chance thanks to Rabble Rouser. Not many other uses.
  • Karol – dont
  • Anna – Backrows if sniping, the 3rd row near Jadwiga when doing literally any other thing.
  • Henryk – Use an “No offense” build to make him a great support character. Repositioning, dodge bonus, you name it. Place him close to your other units for greatest results.
  • Martin – Place between Krzysztof and Kazimierz, on 1st row. Then, spam buffs.
  • Konstanty – Anywhere on the 3rd and 4th rows. Remember to have Grim Courage, as well as Rout Out and SMG with Slicing Salvo. Showdown can be used too but it has very small damage, even with crit.

No matter what you think, Franek is the best “4th character”, 2nd place is Henryk. But you can use whatever (but Karol).

Work Has Been Done, Now Time For The Fun

Always pick the same team. I promise you that no one will die as long as you are smart.

First, give Krzysztof the stimulants. After that, fire three motherloving Clear Outs or Mangler Shots at the enemy face. You might want to get more heavy ammo on missions and smaller amounts of short one. Then, in the next turn (unless your 4th char is Henryk, then you can do additional action), Krzysztof will still have 2 action points, meaning he can still shoot with his rifle, while Kazimierz can Mow Down rest of the enemies.

You can either shoot 3 times, get Stimulants on him so he won’t use any action points aka no accuracy drop or use Franek’s Support Package twice for bonus damage, accuracy or armor penetration, then make two Mow Downs, yet still have those 2 stamina points regained thanks to Jadwiga. If you are scared that you will quickly run out of ammo, don’t. I thought so too, enemies will drop more ammo than you need actually.

Come to think of it, you can replace Retrieve with Special Delivery or other grenade skill, which will make short ammo useless and good for sell and getting more heavy one. Now I see how Helena can be a help here, with her skill that gives Heavy Ammo after every battle and Stamina-Regen skill.

So, that’s how you fight Infanty now. Blow them up. And again. And again. Now, let’s get into potential problems you might encounter:

Problem 1: my team is injured and has low hp reeeeee…

Solution: Get many bandages (solution for weak) or get into first fight and start spamming Quick Fix and Bandage Bundle (solution for strong). Don’t worry, you will always heal more damage than they will give.

Problem 2: I want to fight a tank.

Solution: Get Contemplation and high AP Heavy Weapon skill on Krzysztof. That’s it. You will be able to send 2 fully armor penetrating each turn. The tank will be a broken piece of hot metal sooner than you thing.

Problem 2,5: What about the infantry near it?

Solution: Mow Down.

Problem 3: I run out of ammo.

Solution: Sell. Everything. Else. Bandages, weapons, camouflages, short ammunition. It’s not hard.

Problem 4: Someone died during the event.

Solution: Avoid events. Fights are way more predictible. Events can make one of your teammates die easily, they are really not worth it, as the reward it cheap anyway.

Problem 5: I can’t find any other problems.

Solution: End this right here.

Additional Tips

  • You can use Pick-me-up as Kazimierz and then use Franek’s Support Package. I don’t know is it worth it but it might be.
  • Anna + Cap Off = cheap finisher. Cap Off will work all the damn time, even after using Anna skills X times and after X turns. It will only end after killing 3 enemies with it. Also, there is a bug, when enemies like Pak cannon can be a target of Cap Off.
  • If you are really scared that someone will not make it, use Janos’ Shared Burden to make sure they will not die and take some time healing.
  • Henryk as well as Martin can be really good supports, but Martin needs more set-up and preparation while Henryk is just good thanks to bonus activation. And because it’s a guide on how to have fun, I recommend Henryk more.
  • Franek is very good against status effects. He can not only remove them by Bandage Bundle, but also give additional Stamina point and remove Suppresion with only 1 Stamina cost. It’s a really good character if you are getting suppressed too much yet don’t want to spend XP on suppression resistance.
  • Don’t use Karol
  • Guardian Angel + Soteria = Good DMG skill. Might want to try it out in other builds.
  • Don’t Run Dry event? Always get Heavy Ammo.
  • Always remember to upgrade Krzysztof’s and Kazimierz’s accuracy first. It will save you bullets, for you will miss less aka deal more dmg aka have to shoot less aka spend less bullets. Quick thinking!
  • Perks are very important and if you don’t plan to buy any more skills, you should use buy them.
  • Konstanty’s Grim Courage will get charged every time the Infantry moves. You can stop moving with him easily and wait for him to buff, then one-hit kill two enemies with Slicing Salvo or other attack. (I didn’t told you this but Sturmpanzer Brummbar charges the Grim Courage when it moves, probably a bug. It can result in funny moments, like 73 damage on tank with SMG skill)
  • When there is only one enemy, take your time and heal if necessary. You should probably know that but it’s more important in this build, for you will always start with 25% of max health for you will always use the same team.

And We’re Done…

This is the end of the guide. Yes, you just read a guide that teaches you how to spam rockets correctly. But trust me, you will have fun obliterating Germans and charging right into those red circles you were avoiding at first. Also, this is a very good way to quickly get the game done in order to unlock characters like Bronisław, which can be only unlocked at late game. Feel free to tell me about the results of this “tactic” and what would you improve.

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