Wartales – Questions and Answers

After spending over 100 hours in the game, I’ve accumulated a few simple questions I wish I’d known the answers to earlier. Mostly not for experienced players, but some may find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Where can I get Lectern for my Scholar?

  • It is unlocked at level 4 of the Mysteries and Wisdom path.

I’ve seen some extra class specialisations, how can I get them?

  • You will need to complete arenas in the regions and then find NPCs who will give you new specialisations.

Where can I find a lute for my Bard?

  • It’s in the Ludern region, in the Cursed Village of Lethyre.

How do I decipher my translated codices? The button is inactive.

  • You must find enough runes to do this. Keep completing tombs.

Where is Buddy for the Juggler’s Camp quest?

  • Wolf is on the beach east of the camp and north of Mermant’s Fishery.

Can I respawn rat nests?

  • Yes, you need to level the Mysteries and Wisdom path to 7 to unlock the Rat Bait potion.

I’ve seen people with better passive skills than my mercenaries. How is that possible?

  • Once you have leveled the Power and Glory path to 4, you can buy Skill Mastery books from arenas and training grounds.

Is there any use for my items with the ‘Trinket’ tag? Or for gems?

  • No, sell them.

Can I flee from a battle?

  • Yes, there is a button at the bottom right.

I can’t complete the ‘Only your strongest potions’ achievement, why?

  • Companions in your garrison must also have oiled weapons.

Is there a way to level up faster?

  • Not really, but a training dummy in your camp will help considerably. It can be bought in the Ludern Arena.

I can see some places I can’t get to. What should I do?

  • Make sure you are familiar with pitons (they can be made on the Tinkerer’s Table). I wasn’t for too long…

I keep getting notifications that I’ve unlocked some titles. What are these titles for?

  • It’s a remnant from Early Access and doesn’t do anything now.

Where can I find the missing puzzle piece for Saint Eleor Abbey?

  • See answer above.

Why can’t I catch a bear? I have a rope, but the skill is inactive.

  • You need 5 ropes to capture a bear.

I have a boar with the trait that it can be killed for its meat. How do I do that?

  • Use the ‘Execute’ option on boar’s character screen while in camp (right next to the ‘Dismiss’ option).

One of my prisoners asked to join me and I accepted, but he has no regular skills, only two special ones. Can I respec him into a normal character?

  • No, recruited prisoners only have their own set of skills and cannot be respecced into regular classes.
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