Wayfinder – Tank Wingrave / 2210 PR Guide 

Build Guide: Tank Wingrave / 2210 PR

Wanted to make a more detailed post talking about my experience with Wingrave at level 30. This build is primarily intended for groups, and serves as the main ‘support’ in a composition. An ideal team for me would include Nissa and a ranged ally with an emphasis on weapon power.


Vanguard is fantastic, and while I intend to grind Grim Harvest and see how it compares, for now the CC provided through Power Bash is incredible, not to mention the 30% attack bonus you can provide you and your allies.


  • Intinct: 15%
  • Discipline: 9%
  • Focus: 5%

For abilities, I put 3 points into Radiant Pulse to for its incredible healing potential, not to mention its consistent damage. 2 points into Righteous Strike, 1 point into Judgement and the last point into Divine Aegis.

I am currently using the Bulwark Guardian mastery because I am lazy, but I believe there is a lot of potential for fast clears with Press the Advantage, although I have not tested it.

Echos and Stats:

  • Break Power
  • Phys Defense > Mag Defense but don’t ignore it
  • Max Health = Weapon Power

You might end up with some AP, thats fine, but try to avoid crit and crit power.

My rush echos are currently Bloodspawn and Broodmother. Brood mother is amazing, but there are other options beyond Bloodspawn and I’m still experimenting.


The accessories are whatever’s highest, but I intend to work towards a 2 set from the treasure goblin items for Max Health + Break Power.


General Thoughts I’ve been meaning to post: Now that people are catching up, I’ve had opportunities to play with other players around my PR and, in my personal opinion, a support wingrave like the build I posted contributes little in the endgame. Sword and Shield as a whole has an incredibly low damage output compared to other specs like two handers and guns, even with multiple WP echos.

The build still serves as a nice early game path. You’re basically invincible, and aegis is a great get-out-of-jail free card, but personally I’ve moved towards Kyros with a Tempest, which has rapidly sped up my clear times.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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