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Feng Min Guide

Who is Feng Min?

Feng Min sounds like a beast up close and personal. Her moveset lets her tear through mobs without taking too much punishment. Being able to area attack and shred groups fast is clutch. And that healing pool ability? Talk about convenience – just chill for a bit and she’ll be back at full health, no sweat.

The best part is unlocking her doesn’t require some crazy challenge run. Play it on easy mode if you want, and bam, she’s yours after beating the game. Nice and straightforward. If wrecking crowds of enemies up close is your jam, Feng Min seems like she’ll let you live that power fantasy right out the gate. Definitely tempting to just breeze through and nab her asap.

Energy Slash [M1] – Basic ranged attack that gets slightly wider over distance. Pierces enemies but dissipates after a while or hitting terrain.

Spin Slash [M2] – Her melee area attack. Solid AoE damage to nearby enemies, but locks her out of other abilities during the spin animation.

Healing Pond [Q] – Creates a healing zone on the ground. Standing in it continuously regenerates health for Feng or teammates.

Seems like a nice balanced kit. Energy Slash is her safe ranged poke. Spin Slash lets her go ham up close when surrounded, but being locked in makes timing important. And Healing Pond lets her sustain herself or provide support healing zones.

Overall, sounds like Feng excels at close-quarters combat and add control thanks to her AoEs, while having just enough range and healing to not be totally one-dimensional. Managing her healths pools and ability lockouts will probably be key to playing her effectively.


Picking the right upgrades is key to really optimizing a character’s performance. I’m ready to hear about her skill options and how you rank them from S-tier down to F-tier duds.


  • Crushing Sprint

This one sounds insanely strong. Getting attack speed and damage boosts on kills that refresh with more kills? Total snowball enabler if you can keep the streak going.


  • Rending Slice

Straightforward but super valuable damage increase to her main AoE nuke, Spin Slice. More AoE damage is always nice.


  • Up and Away (jump AoE knockback)
  • Shield Bash (dash damage)
  • Kill Streak Healing

Decent utility/sustainability options, but nothing game-changing.


  • Resolve

Damage amp below 50% health seems underwhelming since you generally want to avoid letting Feng’s health get low.


  • Lasting Pond

Extending the heal pond duration is a total dud since the cooldown means you’ll always have a fresh one available.

Makes sense that Crushing Sprint is the premium pick to accelerate Feng’s kill potential. I’ll prioritize that and Rending Slice, then fill out with some of the B-tier skills if I have room.

How Should I Play Her for the Best Results?

Tips on how to really make the most of Feng Min’s kit:

  • Stay aggressive and focus on dealing damage over survival. Her high base health pool lets you tank hits while dishing it out.
  • Spam Energy Slash and Spin Slice constantly – her bread and butter damage dealers. Short cooldowns mean you can just keep chucking them.
  • Don’t worry too much about carefully managing Healing Pond usage since the cooldown is so quick.
  • Prioritize cleaving through big groups rather than single targets to maximize Energy Slash’s piercing and Spin Slice’s AoE.
  • For flying enemies, grab mobility items like jump boosts to get in Spin Slice range easily.
  • While grinding some bonus bloodpoints is wise, she generally has enough damage to progress without too much grinding required.

The name of the game is maintaining that aggression and DPS uptime. With her health buffer and heal access, Feng Min seems built to face-tank and delete packs before they can retaliate. Abusing her piercing/AoE and snowballing kills with something like Crushing Sprint boosts sounds super strong. Appreciate the specific Feng gameplay pointers!


  • Insane damage output by spamming her piercing ranged and AoE melee abilities
  • Great survivability from her high health pool and healing zone
  • Mobility options to catch flying enemies
  • Potential to snowball and delete everything with something like Crushing Sprint

You’re absolutely right that she trivializes content, even on the highest difficulties, with her ability to just facetank and melt packs before they can react. Her gameplay loop of basically permanently attacking does sound pretty faceroll.

I can see how she wouldn’t provide much challenge for players looking for that. But for those wanting to rip through levels and enemies as efficiently as possible, Feng just outclasses the other characters’ “quirks” with her raw power.

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