WILD HEARTS – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Camps are fast travel points, place them around your map (about 20% of joined games don’t have camps).
  • Place watchtowers everywhere so you can find the kimono (about 25% of joined games don’t have these).
  • When someone goes down don’t rush to help them find out who the kimono is targeting (about 90% of people don’t know to do this).
    • If it’s the other player, res the downed player.
    • If it’s you, stay away from the downed player.

Note that works only if 3 people are present.

Important Note: Build a wall when you’re getting a downed player up, EVEN if there are 3 people there, a wall will help the downed player get back up on their feet and heal or run.

  • In the gear page, you can dye items by pushing select. It doesn’t sound like much but it permits to not look like a total bozo (at least not on purpose).
  • When you discover a camp by placing a tent in a question marked point, you can destroy the tent and it keeps the point. Then you can place the tent in another sector with no intended tp point.
  • The best wall is of course the last karakuri unlocked. absolutely abuse it, specially if you play canon.
  • Food. The whole thing is messy. Fish gives you stamina, meat attack, vegetables def. You can modify them by using marinades, and streghten them by smoking them or drying them. You’ll need spices that you can find in the wild or creating some by fermenting stuff.
  • In minato, put 2 food altars, 2 dryers, 2 smokers, 1 marinade, 1 ferment barrel and learn to cook the food you want.
  • Food is really, really useful.
  • Place a bumper before a zipline. If you’re in the air and you keep pressing on RB you will grab the line automatically, effectively go through the map effortlessly.
  • There are secret talismans hidden in the maps. Go find them, as they are all awesome, peculiarly if you play clawblade, this thing is absolutely vital.
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