Wildermyth – How to Get the Pet Critter

Pet Critter

The Pet Critter theme offers a … pet Critter.

Transformations, abilities, and stats

  • Critter +15 Melee accuracy

Theme conflicts

  • None

When the event can happen

The Sneakthief event can occur when heroes arrive at hostile site (immediately preceding the battle). This event can occur once per game (campaign).

Who the event can target

No other petCritter-theme character in company.

  • Max (Greedy, Leader, Snark, Hothead, Loner) score >= 80
  • The hero in a strongest relationship with the first target

Which event choice to make

This is a two-part event. The theme is not given until the heroes make a choice after the battle.

1. Choose option two, which might say, “Hmph. I’m going to need backup.” (The specific dialog may vary, based on the hero’s personality.)

According to Michela, you could also choose option one and still get the pet. The difficulty roll will either buff or debuff your party before the battle.

2. After the battle, choose option one or option two (no dialog in either scene), to select which hero the Critter is attracted to.

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