Wildermyth – How to Get the Pet Drauven-Bird

Pet Drauven-Bird

The Pet Drauven-Bird theme offers a … pet Drauven Bird.

Transformations, abilities, and stats

  • Drauven Bird +5 Melee accuracy, +5 Range accuracy

Theme conflicts

  • None

When the event can happen

The One Small Life event can occur immediately after heroes have won a battle that had a Stormthroat foe.

Who the event can target

No other petBirdDrauven-theme character in company.

  • Max (Healer) score >= 60

Which event choice to make

This is a two-part event. The theme is not given until the hero completes the job to treat the Drauven Bird. The hero must remain alive to receive the theme, so you should complete the job before taking part in any other battles.

1. Choose option two, which might say, “I want to stay and do this.” (The specific dialog may vary, based on the hero’s personality.)

2. Start, then complete the Overland map job, “Treat the bird.” There is no choice to be made.

The bird is automatically received after the job is completed.

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