Wildfrost – Tips to Beat the True Final Encounter

How to Beat the True Final Encounter

I just managed a 3-winstreak against it. The first was Snoffel + stacked Kabonkers, the second used 3 total units (leader chompom kernel), the third was a single Tiny Tyko that went super ballistic with a chucklefish charm.

What the fight really asks your comp for is damage and survivability; of course heaps of AoE snow and debuffs helps, but when that’s out of the way you do still have to push through Jailer’s 90 HP while one side of the fight still has to contend with the 5 damage Barrage (I usually solo a tanky unit here, or hope that Barrage charm Snoof or something buys enough time) and the other needs to be able to kill Jailer quickly enough while not losing anyone to a stray Lancer hit (7 aimless.).

Some units that are very good up until this point for shorter wave-based fights or the ability to Recall like Bombom suddenly become liabilities because you usually need to be able to sustain the fight for a long time. Usually my run doesn’t make it here if I don’t have enough damage to kill Jailer even from behind a ton of Snow, and that’s something I actively look to solve during the run. I’ve cleared before with basic setups even after disasters just having 1 tanky unit eat the barrage lane while a Foxee or something sits behind the rest of my team and we shove through the other side.

That’s when I’m still playing a fairer grounded setup, but more often than not the game lets you do pretty unfair stuff after spending Warthog money on a charm merchant or final shop, so anything you have that starts going crazy, like breaking action economy with Noomlin charm/biscuit + debuffs + vase tends to be good enough for this fight too.

It’s also easier for Clunkmasters because of ink, especially if you find BINK (the item that applies 3 to all enemies). The last time I cleared with them I just slapped vase on it and that was that.

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