Winter Memories – Ex Scenario Guide

Ultimate Guide to Ex Scenarios

What to Do First

Before you begin completing EX scenarios, you must have some prerequisites

  • All girls must have 100 affection (All scenary finished!)
  • For most scenarios you will need the “Call” some characters need to meet this before triggering the EX.

Miyuki / Kanae

First thing first, Call Miyuki and Kanae to have sex together.

The next day, Meet Miyuki and Kanae on the banch (In the morning) In the harbour.

The next day, Wait for a call in the Living room (can occure in the Morning).

Congratulations, you have finished Miyuki and Kanae’s EX scenario.

Akari / Hikari

First thing first, Call Akari and Hikari to have sex together.

The next day, talk to Akari in the Secret base.

Once the scenario begins you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be in the morning or afternoon.
  • Hikari (Mother of Akari) must have 100 or more Lewdness.
  • Once the conditions are met, have sex with Hikari.

Congratulations, you have finished Akari and Hikari’s EX scenario.

Suzuka / Kagami

Go check the “Pink” notice (Behind the candy store).

After that, Go talk with Suzuka the next day.

Wait for the Night, and talk with Suzuka again.

Congratulations, you have finished Suzuka and Kagami’s EX scenario.

Rio / Shizuku

First thing first, Call Rio and Shizuku to have sex together.

After that you have to wait until the next day, Once you wake up, this is the tricky part because it depends on RNG, In the afternoon or evening, you have to be alone in the living room to receive a phone call from Shizuku.

You have to wait again for the next day. Once the next day you have 2 objectives:

  • You have to be in The Morning or Afternoon.
  • Uncle is not in the House (working).
  • If, these conditions are met, Talk to Rio.

Congratulations, you have finished Rio and Shizuku’s EX scenario.

Yui / Mizuki

First thing first, Call Yui and Mizuki to have sex together.

After that, You need to wait for the next day, When you wake up talk directly with Yui to start the Ex Scenario.

Once the scenario is launched, you must chat with Yui in the morning or afternoon.

Congratulations, you have finished Yui and Mizuki’s EX scenario.

I hope you found this useful!

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