Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Heimlock Boss Guide

Heimlock is one of the many alpha bosses in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and can be found in Act 3, following the Fury’s Ascent mission from the main campaign.

This is the last boss of the game, and it’s composed of three phases. Here’s our step-by-step guide, along with everything you need to know before embarking on this fight.

Types of Attacks

First Phase

  • Teleports and jumps from above onto a marked area, causing great damage and leaving a trail of ice spikes to all directions
  • Summons a giant axe that floats around him, increasing its distance with each swing.
  • Summons fire balls that fall from the sky, the damage area marked by the red visual cue
  • Four consecutive axe attacks, the fourth ending in a ground slam

Second Phase

  • Heimlock will embrace a Primordial state
  • In this state, he jumps to the air outside visibility range while a blue area starts to form on the ground, landing with a massive attack afterwards
  • Also, while still in Primordial, he will perform three quick attacks with his weapon, the third also ending on a ground slam
  • Outside of this state, he will repeat all previous attacks

Third Phase

  • Massive fireball rain from the sky, affecting a large area with several projectiles
  • Attacks upfront, dealing ground damage in multiple directions by summoning spikes and fire, which reach the end of their reach and then goes back to Heimlock, hitting twice
  • In this phase, he also jumps to the air outside visibility range while a blue area starts to form on the ground, landing with a massive attack afterwards
  • Three quick melee attacks followed by a ground slam, this one spreading small electricity orbs on impact
  • Once more, outside Primordial he will repeat the attacks from the first phase


Loot is completely randomized, but there are at least some Epic gear items in yellow color guaranteed.

Heimlock Strategy

This is it, the final boss fight of the main story in Wolcen. There are three phases to go through, a complex arena, and tons of enemies that will get in the way.

Let’s breakdown this in parts starting by the arena. There are three globes in the map, one on the upper side, and two on the lower corners. The one on the left corner summons ice damage, while the upper one summons dark nova damage. The one on the right, however, will spawn enemies. All of these orbs are triggered after receiving consecutive damage, either from you, Heimlock, or other mobs, so keep this in mind. In the meantime, expect incoming attacks from the dome in the middle of the level.

Make use of the first phase to study the map according to the build that you’re using. Melee characters will have a harder time in general with this fight, since it will be harder to inflict damage to Heimlock without receiving at least one or two attacks in return.

The second phase remains similar, except that the boss will often showcase a Primordial state, adding more attacks to its roster that are even more powerful. A third bar will show up on his health meter, which represents how much primordial energy he has left. You won’t be able to cause damage until this is completely depleted, so make it an absolute priority when it happens.

Expect a similar strategy for the third and final phase, with the caveat that new attacks are added, and at this point there will be a constant swarm of enemies coming at you, along with projectiles falling from the sky and ground damage at pretty much all times.

It’s a matter of trial an error, and make sure to adapt your build accordingly if you’re not doing much damage. As always, keep an eye on the red visual cues since those will cause the biggest havoc, and attack at any open window if you successfully dodge Heimlock. Of course, make sure to use your Aspect of Apocalypse, and save as many second wind tokens for the third phase as possible.

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