Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Sinadrahel Boss Guide

Sinadrahel is one of the many alpha bosses in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and can be found Act 3, following the Infiltration mission from the main campaign.

This fight involves two previous bosses attacking together, along with a third and final encounter against Sinadrahel. Here’s our step-by-step guide, along with everything you need to know before embarking on this fight.

Types of Attacks

You’ll be facing two enemies that are similar to Zaalbezul and Yudai. Here’s a reminder of their attacks, along with Sinadrahel’s.

Ulzerag (fights like Zaalbezul)

  • Double swing with its chains, marked by a red visual cue
  • Quick slash with its hands in front of the creature
  • Attack to an area marked by the visual red cue, damaging everything that’s touching the ground with spikes
  • Charges forward towards the character
  • Double slash with its hands, also marked by a visual cue, but hitting on a wider range
  • Red whip that grabs you and pulls you towards Zaalbezul

Lathai (fights like Yudai)

  • Yudai creates a massive circle of light bolts around it, which doesn’t expand from its body but rather start far from Yudai’s position and move towards it.
  • Long-range laser beam in one direction
  • Long-range but rather slow lighting bolt (two variations of this)
  • Teleport to your location, appearing from beneath the ground. If grabbed, it will deal damage and stun you for a couple of seconds
  • Frost damage on a selected area in front of the enemy, marked with a red visual cue
  • Massive leap to the sky followed by a body ground slam, also marked with the red visual cue


  • Quick melee slash using its right arm
  • Blasts a powerful aura that comes from its body, increasing its speed and becoming more agressive
  • In this state, Sinadrahel will perform two quick slashes with each arm repetitively


While all loot is randomized in Wolcen, expect at least a couple of Epic gear parts, which appear in bright yellow.

Fight Strategy

This isn’t a particulary hard fight, but there is a lot happening at once. During the beginning only Lathai and Ulzerag will attack, while Sinadrahel will remain on its spot. This is your chance to deal as much damage as possible to each.

Ulzerag’s most powerful attacks have the red visual cue, so you will know when to dodge beforehand. Plus, they tend to be slow attacks, although they can cause serious damage if you get caught in the middle. Don’t try to evade to a side when the creature starts attacking either with its fangs or chain, but rather evade backwards. Just keep on attacking and don’t forget to use your Aspect of Apocalypse once you have enough energy for it.

As for Lathai, it is a tough opponent that will basically focus on ranged attacks on this fight. Luckily, attacks like the circle of bolts are gone, and its less prompt to teleport around but instead attack you from afar.

Then, as you could see Sinadrahel has only a couple of attacks, and it’s the combination of fighting the three that proves to be terrifying. Just focus on dealing damage to the first two, in particular Ulzerag since it’s easy to manage, then Lathai, and lastly Sinadrahel. Once the boss gets in frenzy state it won’t cease to chase and attack you, so use your dodge roll accordingly, but also feel free to just move your character out of danger since the attack animation will give you plenty of room to do so. Lastly, expect some minions here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

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