WolfQuest – Pups And Slough Creek Guide

Please note a lot of this information was taken from videos, Others guides, Wikis, Ect, Some of them are also tips and tricks I use, This is all i know about that tiny army You raise and the place You raise them!

About Pups And Slough Creek

About The Pups

You obtain the Pups after You get a mate, Or You can do it on multiplayer with You’re friends, You start with 4 and Your able to lose them, Losing all of them will result in having to either restart the server (If on multiplayer), Or load the last save. From what I’ve seen the Pups skins or shading depend on You’re wolf (Unless You have the albino), They depend on You and You’re mate/Friends.

Possible Pup Deaths and How to Avoid Them

Pups have 7 possible ways to parish, first I’ll list is…


Yeah! Those Canines that try to Steal You’re food, They’re even more annoying when You have pups around, You can kill Them easily and They’re probably the easiest Animal to Defend You’re pups from, You simply run after them biting them until they parish, They’ll take You’re pups and murder them if You don’t Kill them.


Those animals that also scare You off from You’re food also come after You’re Pups! Though big and scary if You know how to scare them off They’re usually fairly easy to deal with, You circle them until You’re behind them and bite They’re behind, They also will take Your pups if You’re not careful, They do fight back though if You attack them head on.


Yeah, They’re almost just like bears, Except if You run at them before They notice You They’ll flee, You should follow them until they stop and bite They’re behinds just like the Bears, If they see You though before You run at them They wont budge, Attack them just like the Bear if they don’t run, Just be careful where You bite, They also fight Back!

Predator Wolves!

Those look just like You!! Just don’t get too confused because They want to eat You’re Puppies, They don’t fight back and You attack it like the coyote, They’re easy to keep away, Just keep that yellow meter on the top left high and They wont come to Your precious pups.


Probably the one of the hardest ones to fight off if You don’t know how to, After You leave The den for the Rendezvous Site the Eagles will be able to spawn to attack You’re Pups, If You hear an eagle screech that means They’re after You’re Puppies! Keep You’re pups near You to make sure they don’t take Them away, Back away from You’re pups a little ways to chase the eagle off, It’ll swoop down and You run at it, It wont come back, Or if You don’t want to risk that, Stay as close to You’re Pups as possible while its there, If You hear it screech again it left.


Yes! You’re pups can starve, Look at that thing at the top left of You’re screen, See those paw prints? If They’re red You’re pup is full, The lighter it is the more it needs You’re food, To feed You’re pups eat extra food, There will be an extra meter showing how much pup food You have, Once You eat extra come back to You’re pups and press the feed button near The hungry pups, Or just press F. A way to prevent starvation is picking a den, Don’t mark the territory and herd some elk near the den and kill them (I usually hunt around the whole herd except the bull) Eat the farthest elk first, Unless You’re pups are almost dead then use the closest elk and give it to Your pups (I would consider hunting a few around the hunting ground for food stops while on the journey.)


Yes, You can Drown You’re Pups! To avoid drowning them make sure You cross the river where its shallow, You can test it first by running over it, If You swim then it is too deep, But if You only swim for a moment Your safe! Make sure to have full pup food when You cross the River in case You Drown You’re Pup a little, It’ll lose health but giving it food will make it regain that Health! (Also most of the times pebbles means Its shallow there, But I’d still test it first)

Quests When Raising Pups!

There are 6 quests when you begin.

Find A Den!

The first quest You get when going into Slough Creek is Find A Den! There is the Saddle Meadows Den, Bison Creek cutoff den, and Aspen Heights Den, As well as a secret den next to the Bison Creek Cutoff den, But You have to have enough exp to use it.

Establish a Territory

After choosing Your den, You get This quest: Establish A Territory, Its easy (Herd elk to Your Den before You do the quest, This is optional but helpful) You can either Howl(With the key H) Or Mark(With the key P) to tell everyone to stay off You’re Territory! (Keep doing this when The meter goes down to make sure predator Wolves do not spawn)

Raise Pups!

Once done marking You get the quest Raise Pups, This is when You actually get You’re Pups and You’re able to Name them! To complete this quest You howl(With H) Play bow(With K) wag tail(Z) Or pick them up and place them in the den(With space) You will have to do this more often then just for this quest, You get a blue meter it is how much You’ve trained You’re pups by doing this, When it goes down The pups will wander alarmingly far from the den, So keep that meter high!

Protect Your Pups!

Once You’re done with that, You’ll have to protect them from the predators I listed before, Once fending off some of Those enemy’s You will complete this Quest.

Feed Your Pups!

This is the quest that comes after You defend You’re pups, Once You get this quest feed You’re pups non-Stop until They’re weight gets to 15 (you can see it in pack stats in settings as well as You’re pups hunger/health), Don’t care if the pups are full, Keep feeding until its 15!!

Journey to the Rendezvous Site!

Once Your done power feeding the pups, You’ll get this Quest, You fill up on pup food and save that food until its needed (You can feed them on the Journey if You find food while traveling).

Perks in the Winter ingame

Elk will be slower In winter due to the snow, Most wolves will be able to kill the elk without stopping for stamina, Which makes it easier to herd.

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