Wooden Battles – Easy Forts / Conquest Guide

This guide was created to help people in conquest, with forts. There is ez way to win with just 2 rifleman!

Note: This trick does not work in missions!

Step One – Preparation

First start new conquest game or just enter to your current one.

Now create 2 armies – one with 2 rifleman, second with around 30-40 rifleman and bring them to the fort you want to conquer.

Step Two – Assault

Now enter with your 2 rifleman army to assault.

Placement is kinda important here.

Put your one rifleman in front on offence and second near your flag on deffence and start the battle.

Here comes the magic. After your offensive rifleman dies both your’s and enemies armies have to clash so all cover disappears and they will all start walking to fight. And now comes the fall damage. All enemy units on high ground will die becouse of fall damage. You gonna lose but the formation of enemies stays.

Now bring your second army and destroy your enemies.

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