Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – How to Reduce Crime Rate

How to Reduce Crime Rate

Things I am doing to limit crime rate:

  1. Everyone is educated.
  2. Everyone has its basics needs met.
  3. Everyone has heating, water, sewage connected.
  4. Points 2 and 3 basically affects happiness, good to have it above 75%.
  5. Orphanage has enough tutors; no tutors – crime rate up.
  6. Court has enough judges to cover all cases.
  7. Prison has enough wanderers to prevent escapes.

Orphanage is probably least optimized. At worst I had like 26 prisoners and 86 orphans so the ratio is pretty high.

Premature deaths were rather rare so most of those 86 orphans were from parents going to jail. I don’t know why single parent is losing their kids. What is worst it looks like if parents are back from jail kids remains in orphanage.

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