World of Talesworth: Idle MMO Simulator – How to Export You Save File

A basic guide on how to export your save games from the web, to Steam.

How to Export You Save File from Kongregate or Armorgames

  • 1) On the splash screen (opening screen) in Kongregate/Armor, press Ctrl-Shift-U
  • 2) Click Copy Save Game to clipboard
  • 3) Click to select the giant text string in the text area
  • 4) Ctrl-c to copy all that data and paste it into Notepad (on your desktop, or any folder, right click and select: New > Text Document)
  • 5) File > Save As “mysave.txt”
  • 6) Open the Steam version
  • 7) On the splash screen, click the options gear in the lower right and choose Load Backup. Select “mysave.txt”

Please note though, there are differences between games. There are no ingots in the Steam version, many balance changes, promos and shop is merged, etc.

Created by Urzorn

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