World of Tanks Blitz – Heavy Tanks Guide

Heavies are the most powerful tanks in the game, but they have many weaknesses. This guide will help you play to your strengths and nullify your weaknesses.


Heavies are the most common tank type in this game, but one heavy with a good driver makes all the difference. You are easily one of the toughest tanks on your team. You can deal tons of damage and have copious supplies of health and armor. You are your teams front line tanks.

Basic Heavy Instructions

You usually have the most firepower, health, and armor on your team. You need to be the one to keep the enemy busy so your team’s lights and tank destroyers can do more damage and take less in return.

You are also really slow, so pick a position you can utilize without much movement: e.g. behind a building or other solid structure.

Always face the enemy head on. Your armor in the front is excellent, but is weaker on the sides and back. Angling your armor also works to deflect damage.

Don’t be afraid to take hits in a heavy, but try to avoid them all the same.

Aim carefully because your shots are usually really powerful and have a long reload time.

Don’t try to ram other tanks, you won’t do much damage and you’ll needlessly expose yourself.

Sometimes exposing yourself can draw fire from light tanks and tank destroyers and allow them to do more damage.


  • If you see a bush on the front line, use it! Enemies can’t see your weak spots through the bush and will frequently hit armor. I have blocked damage worth over 150% of my health while being behind a bush.
  • Taking the capture point(s) with your heavy is also a good idea. It will expose you, but that is why you have tons of health and armor. That will force the enemy to change tactics and give up good positions.
  • Try and secure good positions early, but wait for your team! I have seen dozens of tanks get blown up because they advanced too far ahead of their team and ran into four enemy tanks. You want to be 40% aggressive and 60% defensive in a heavy. The team which rushes forward into the open while the enemy has good defensive positions almost always loses.
  • Try and get the attention of enemy tanks. They should be shooting you not your team’s lights.
  • Getting on a bridge or getting behind something which has a low wall which you can shoot over is perfect because it lowers the amount of exposed area your tank has.
  • If you are exposed, move back and forth between shots. This will greatly increase the chance of a miss or non penetration from the enemy.
  • Don’t knock down trees or power poles even if its fun. That has given me the location of enemy tanks, which I could not actually see, more than once.
  • Don’t desert the flank you are put on, especially if you would be leaving a teammate’s tank all by itself.
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