World War Z – Combat Medic Guide

A guide on how to get the most out of your healer.

Combat Guide for Medic

Combat Medic Build

This guide will show you my specific class setup for Medic that I use to both solo extreme, and save my team resources on medkits in Horde Mode. I will explain why I chose the perks I did and others that you could use easily change to match your own play style. I hope that this will help many of the new players that are finding it difficult to learn/play this game alone or on higher difficulties.

You should always leave medkits for your medic unless they don’t mind. Other classes only heal one person with medkits (either themselves or a buddy). If a Medic uses a medkit on another person, the Medic will also heal for 25% of the medkits full potential. Medics can also make their own medkits with a certain skill, so you should always heal your team when needed.

Always be observant. If you fail a mission, think about what happened and use it as a learning experience. Try approaching things differently, or take a break if you are getting frustrated. It’s just a game.

Left Skill Tree Group

Starting on the left, I went with the skill “Sugar Coated”. It gives the person being healed a large temporary health boost. This is basically a shield that will need to deplete before that player/NPC can take damage from zombies or even friendly fire. The other two choices don’t seem to be worth using.Triage applies the medkits 50% faster which would be fine in a fight, but you should always wait until the coast is clear before you heal your team anyway. The first skill you unlock as a medic heals 10% more with medkits, but that is such a small amount on higher difficulties you would most likely want the temp health (If you are lv30 medic you unlock a skill that does this, so you can choose what you want or stack the two of them for +20%).

On the second column I went with “Para-medic”. It speeds up reviving your team by 50%, allowing you to pick up your team in fairly…uncertain conditions. “Patch-Up” will give +10% health upon reviving downed buddies, and “Pick Me Up” gives both you and your friend temporary health. I believe Pick Me Up would be my second choice if I had to change.

For the third column you could go with any of the three. “Empathy” applies 50% of your stims effects to you whenever you stim a team mate (temp. health, masking effect, and/or healing stim). With “Pain Killer”, your stim shots will give 25% more temporary health and lasts 50% longer. I went with “Big Pharma” for an extra stim shot, but Pain Killer is my second choice. All three of these perks have their uses, pick what ever one you like best.

Middle Skill Group

“Second Wind” gives you 25% chance to self revive with 25% health. This has saved so many extreme runs and helps out quite a bit in horde mode too. “Wheatgrass” gives you 25% more health and allows for 1 extra slap from a zombie before you go down in extreme. “Navy Seal” lets you start with the suppressed MP5 instead of the Uzi. The MP5 has a high rate of fire so fire in short controlled bursts, and always aim for the head/weak spot regardless of the weapon.

“Efficiency” has a 30% of keeping a medkit after using it. This skill will sometimes let you heal your whole team using the same medkit. “Good Karma” will heal you 50% of a medkits full potential when healing a team mate instead of the base 25%. The “Combat Medic” skill gives you a 50% chance get a free medkit when you kill 15 zombies in rapid succession. This skill has a 3 minute cool down, so you should heal your team before each swarm/wave (if in horde mode). You will get another medkit pretty quick. This skill saves resources in horde mode, so try to keep your team healed as best you can.

“Free hugs” gives you a 25% chance to keep a stim instead of losing it when used. “I’ll Keep That” gives you one stimshot when you kill a special zombie with a head shot. “Pickpocket” is the best choice here, you get one stimshot for killing 15 zombies in rapid succession. You can’t always find a special zombie when you need one, but there are hundreds of zombies in every match so the 15 kills should be very easy to come by. In horde mode, you can get all your stims back in every wave. I highly recommend pickpocket so you don’t always have to rely on equipment bags.

Right Skill Group

In the last group of class perks, we got “Forgive and Forget” that lowers friendly fire damage by 25% for all team members (great if people keep shooting each other). “Fighting Fit” increases firearm damage by 25% when all your team has over half of the health left, which is good for healers that can keep their team healed or on short easy missions. “In the Zone” increases firearm damage by 50% for 10 seconds whenever you use a medkit or stimshot, which can be very often if you get used to using your stimshots/healing up your buddies.

“Battle Surgeon” heals your team for 10% of a players max health per stimshot. Very helpful when it come to healing your team, however I prefer to use “Secret Ingredient”. Secret Ingredient adds a masking effect in addition to the temporary health boost which makes you invisible to zombies for 5 seconds. Being masked allows the medic to avoid dangerous situations, or stim buddies to help them escape/revive them and give them a few seconds to run. “Emergency Rescue” is more of a one time use thing and only applies to you, this is why I do not use it.

“Adrenaline” increases reload speed by 50% when your health is below 35%. Reload speed isn’t that much of a priority, and you will be healing yourself when you heal your team so this probably wouldn’t go into effect very often anyhow. “Swapping Mags!” increases reload speed of SMGs by 25%. “Lobotomy” is the perk you want. This skill puts 2 rounds per headshot back into you magazine while using SMGs. If you are aiming for the head like you should be, this will save a ton of ammo for you in the long run.

Get Back Out There!

Now that you have a better idea of which skills are better for healers (or at least this build), get back out there and enjoy the game! I hope that this helps those who need it, and answers a few questions for those who had any.

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