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Strange ways to use powers in ways that were not intended.

Things You Should to Know

Bridges, Oh How Beautiful!

To cross the perilous waters of your world, your people use boats right? They simply cannot walk across the ocean to invade other kingdoms or to expand, which I find inconvenient.

Bridges (or canals) are a great fix to this problem! Simply make a checkerboard pattern out of ocean tiles (Shallow, Close, or Deep ocean) and walkable tiles, like shown in the image.

These structures will allow boats to cross onto the other side and for people to move between both ends. This technology can also be used to make canals so ships don’t have to sail around the entire continent, landmass, or other obstacle.

Note: The bridge can be built out of any land material (Sand, Plain and Forest Soil) Hills will slow your people down and Mountains will not allow units to pass. Forest Soil will allow the bridge to be destroyed less easily.

The diagonal shown above as well as the side image’s bridges are examples of bridges that I find work. They are both expandable by adding another row of terrain on the side.

Defectors? In My Empire?

People can be transferred between Civ’s easily using only three misc powers. Firstly, pause the game.

These fine citizens of Noahl have gathered here today to defect en mass.

Using the “Divine Magnet” power, assemble your group of devious traitors.

When all of your defectors are gathered, use the “Madness” power on them and then use “Divine Light” on them, shown to the side.

Use the “Divine Magnet” power to move them over to another Civ’s or Town’s border once they all have gray shirts.

When unpaused they will join the other Civ’s Town, regardless of past relations.

This can be done with an entire towns worth of people, or with just one person you really want somewhere.

Note: If the target is a Leader, they will abandon the village and/or Civ and lose their title. Military units will become part of the other Civ’s military. Other species cannot join another species’s Civ (Ex: Humans cannot join an Elven Kingdom.).

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