WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official Game – Guide to Accuforce Wheel Settings

Settings for the simxperience accuforce wheels.

Settings for Accuforce Wheel

Sim Commander Settings

The following guide has been made using the Accuforce V1 wheel however should work just as easily for the V2 wheel. You may need to increase your overall forces for the V2 as the wheel has less power.

There is no need to create a Sim Setup profile for WRCG.

  1. Open Sim Commander and click on Show Settings Window.
  2. Navigate to Sim Device Manager > Output Devices > Accuforce

These are your global wheel output settings and therefore applies to every game. I leave all of these settings untouched except for the wheel rotation and Intensity.

  1. Set Intensity to 90%
  2. Set Rotation to 450 degrees
  3. Click “Save Settings to Controller”

Remember to revert these back to your normal settings when playing other sims.

WRCG Input Config File Settings

  • Find WRCG in your steam library.
  • Click Local Files than Browse..
  • Navigate to Common > Settings and open in notepad “InputHardwareFFBConfig.cfg”
  • In notepad click on File > Save As. Rename the file and hit save to create your backup.
  • Re-Open the original “InputHardwareFFBConfig.cfg”
  • Scrolldown to Simxperience and change the following
  • SpringForceFactor from 0.4 to 1.0
  • DamperFactor from 1.0 to 0.0

Your file should look like this:

  • Hit Save.

Game Settings

Launch the game and navigate to options and controls. Select your SimXperience Accuforce wheel

Bind Settings

Note that for Steer Left my Invert = On. You can select each steering bind and hit Test Action to confirm.

General Settings

Ignore Max Wheel Angle as it appears to be completely broken.

Feedback Settings

Note these settings were configured for the WRC1 cars on gravel surfaces. For tarmac I tend to turn down the overall feedback by 10%.

Vibration Settings

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