Wurm Online – Using Non-Steam Character Name in Steam Version

Have a character name on the standalone version of Wurm Online and want to use it with the Steam version? Maybe you registered a character name on the website thinking it would work with Steam. This guide quickly covers using the standalone launcher with the Steam version of the game, allowing you to use standalone/non-Steam character names.

Using Non-Steam Character Name in Steam Version

Install Standalone Client

  1. Visit Wurmonline.com and download the Installer for 64-bit Windows.
  2. Install it (if you change the default install directory, take note of it).

Copy Standalone Launcher to Steam

  1. Find the standalone installation directory. If you kept defaults, it will likely be at: %LocalAppData%\Programs\Wurm Online
  2. Find WurmLauncher64.exe and copy it somewhere (this will be known as the standalone launcher)
  3. Go to the installation folder for the Steam version of Wurm Online. It will likely be at: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Online
  4. Find the WurmLauncher64.exe in the Steam folder and remove it however you want (can just delete it, or rename it to something like WurmLauncher64Backup.exe
  5. Copy the standalone WurmLauncher64.exe launcher (from step 2) to that folder

Launch The Game

  1. Launch the game on Steam via usual means
  2. The Wurm Online launcher should start
  3. If done correctly, your launcher will have a Name and Password box
  4. You can now log-in with your standalone credentials, and have Steam functionality (notably gametime tracking)

Other Information

  • Steam API features (such as your Steam status reflecting your character name and world) won’t work with this method; presumably only game time tracking and Steam in-game overlay works
  • This method should continue to work as long as the Standalone client exists
  • This method shouldn’t be needed once the ability to link standalone and Steam accounts exists
  • As of 2020/07/28, Wurm Online support claims they aren’t manually removing accounts because of it resulting in back-end issues, so requesting an account deletion likely won’t work
  • Regardless of where you create the character name (standalone or Steam), if you have 90 days of inactivity and have never purchased a Premium package, your character will be automatically removed
  • It’s assumed that if your character is removed because of inactivity, you can re-create the character name on the platform of your choosing
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