XCOM: Chimera Squad – Replacing Missing Weapons / Armor

Use console commands to give yourself any weapons or armor that have disappeared, at least until a patch comes out.


Backup your save before trying this, I’m unsure if there are any long term side effects from doing this, as this is just a solution I found poking around in the game files after Claymore’s shotgun and armor vanished on my save and I couldn’t find any other solutions online.

Enabling the Console

  1. Right-click game in steam and Manage -> Browse Local Files
  2. Navigate to /XCOM-Chimera-Squad/Binaries/Win64
  3. Copy xcom.exe
  4. Go to desktop and right-click -> paste as shortcut
  5. Right-click the shortcut -> Properties
  6. Add -allowconsole to the end of the target box
  7. Run the shortcut, it should start the game without the launcher
  8. Load your game and make a seperate save, just to be safe
  9. Press ~ in-game to open the console

Item Commands

GiveItem [ItemName] [Quantity]

e.g. GiveItem WPN_XcomShotgun 1 would give 1 Shotgun

Weapons/Armor should upgrade automatically the correct level (e.g. Enhanced/Masterwork)

Standard Weapons & Armor

  • KevlarAmor
  • WPN_XcomShotgun
  • WPN_XcomSMG
  • WPN_XcomAR
  • WPN_XComWardenPistol (Cherub’s Pistol, unsure of difference)
  • WPN_XComGunslingerPistol (Blueblood’s Pistol, unsure of difference)
  • WPN_BreakerShotgun (Axiom’s Shotgun, larger model)

Epic Weapons (Haven’t heard of these disappearing but just in case)

  • WPN_EpicAR_1
  • WPN_EpicAR_2
  • WPN_EpicShotgun_1
  • WPN_EpicShotgun_2
  • WPN_EpicPistol_1
  • WPN_EpicPistol_2
  • WPN_EpicSMG_1
  • WPN_EpicSMG_2

Finishing Up

After adding the items to your save, save in a new slot, quit and reopen the game normally through steam to make sure you don’t miss any achievements.

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