XIII – How to Kill the Moongoose

In this guide you will learn how to kill the final boss in the game XIII The moongoose.

Before the Fight

Before you even start the fight theres a room full with weapons, armor and healthpacks. Grab It All!

Remember the moongoose is far more difficult then any other boss in the game and moves very quick

Keep in mind that you most likely wont beat the boss first try if you haven´t beaten the game previously its ok to fail but never ok to give up

First Encounter

During the first stage of the fight the moongoose will hide behind the middle rocket.

The first thing you can do is use the grenadier on the assault rifle.

Then you switch to the big machine gun and REMEMBER if you shoot the rockets a stunning gas will come out so try to predict his moves and stun him to get a chance to hurt him

Second Stage

Some of the rockets will hide and the moongoose will run around very quickly remember that the fallen soldier has a medkit on him so grab it

I Dunno

The last thing is you kinda have to figure it out on yourself because its very hard to explain but shoot the guy and remember to heal yourself

Created by Umbra

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