Yakuza 0 – How to Get the Girl You Want in Telephone Club

Ever been annoyed by this annoying RNG based minigame and it’s constant repeats? I thought I should share it with you all to hopefully help any newcomers.

Guide to Get the Girl You Want in Telephone Club

Swimsuit Color

Every girl is tied to the color of the swimsuit that shows in the background during the minigame.

Each swimsuit has 3 girls to go with it, however all 3 swimsuits have one girl that leads to the same substory. That leads to a total of 7 substories, 3 being successful dates, 4 being failures.

The Girls

The complete list of girls and their corresponding substories is as follows:


  • Riku – The Innocent Hook-up (When you meet her outside the theater, select “Girl in Front).
  • Mirei – Verbal Warning.
  • Asakura – Sakura Shock.


  • Ayaka – The Sexy Hook-Up (Select “Move in for a better look”, then “Farther Woman”).
  • Maria – The Predator’s Call.
  • Sakurako – Sakura Shock.


  • Haruki – The Flirty Hook-Up (When you meet her outside the theater, select “Far Girl”).
  • Sayuri – A Mother’s Touch.
  • Sakurai – Sakura Shock.

Remember, you only need to get Sakura Shock once.

Even when you encounter the different sakura’s nothing different will happen.

Finding the Right Girl

This part feels very RNG heavy and even I don’t know how accurate my method is, however it worked for me so maybe it’ll work for you

Before the game starts there is a QTE to pick up the phone. It could happen at several different speeds, and it affects what kind of girl you get on the other end. Here’s what worked for me:

  • Fastest QTE – Successful date.
  • Medium QTE – Sakura date.
  • Slowest QTE – Failed date.

Remember that you also need to get the failures for their substories.

If you’re only interested in successful dates just wait for the quickest QTE (lasts about a second).

You can also listen to the voices, as supposedly they are different for each girl. I never was able to discern the voices but if you recognize one you heard before feel free to hang up and try for someone else.

If you happen to get the wrong girl remember to use LB to hang up the phone, it can save you plenty of time.

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