Yakuza 0 – How to Obtain Cat Scratch Fever Achievement

An easy fool proof guide for getting the Jcc cat scratch fever achievement in Yakuza 0.

Cat Scratch Fever Achievement Guide


Cat Scratch Fever

  • Win ten bets on three-round tournaments at JCC.

Which Fighter to Pick?

Do not go with jennifer, Mamoko usually always wins because she heals back almost all of her health when she is losing and her stats are second to best after jennifer,

Always pick Mamoko.

Fighter’s Weaknesses and How to Beat Them

  • Francisca: Scissors
  • Jennifer: Rock
  • Maria: Scissors
  • Momoko: Scissors
  • Rei: Rock
  • Sayuri: Paper
  • Yuiko: Rock
  • Yurie: Scissors

The above is the weaknesses of each character, you should keep switching between rock, paper and scissors right before the last second and then chose the move you want to throw the AI off.

Note: keep using the same move that is the weakness of the opponents over and over again, its safer and there is no harm in it when you are using Mamoko.

What to do when you pull the same move as the opponent?

When you get the same move as the opponent, do not start mashing immediately.

Instead, wait for the opponent to inch forward twice and when the second inch comes, start mashing immediately, this works most of the time.

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