Yakuza 3 Remastered – Achievement / Trophy Guide

This should cover everything you will need to know for all achievements with little to no spoilers, and no, this does not cover the entire in-game completion list.


Note: Credit goes to Cowboy Dan

All of these achievements will almost definitely be obtained through you playthrough of the game and while finishing the other achievements, but here they are in the off chance, you missed one of them.

Blogging Debut

Have your first Revelation.

You should run into a foreigner named Mack in Okinawa and he will introduce Kiryu to blogging.

Compulsive Vandal

Break 30 weapons picked up in battle.

Unless you decided to exclusively use fists, you will definitely get this one by the end of the game, just pick up everything around you.

Heat Action Pro

Finish 10 battles with Heat Actions.

Key Collector

Open a total of 10 lockers in Kamurocho and Downtown Ryukyu.

These things are everywhere, in buildings, in the street, in the rafters sometimes. If you see a little glowing speck on the ground just examine it, it is almost definitely a locker key and you can use them at the coin lockers marked by a “C” on the map. Some do require you to get close and look at them by hitting R3 for the free camera.

Marathon Runner

Run 42.195km.

This one I only got shortly after my first playthrough while doing substories in premium adventure.

Walking Bank

Accumulate 10,000,000 yen.

You will get this if you finish all of the gambling challenges for minigame master, I will go into more detail in the minigames section for cheat items and what not to maximize profit.


Complete all the substories for all the achievements here.

Substory Dabbler

Complete 10 Substories. (See Substory Completionist for more.)

Substory Fan

Complete 30 Substories. (See Substory Completionist for more.)

Substory Enthusiast

Complete 50 Substories. (See Substory Completionist for more.)

Substory Addict

Complete 80 Substories. (See Substory Completionist for more.)

Substory Completionist

Complete all Substories.

There are 119 substories in total and it is a real slog to get through all of them. I highly recommend working through as many as you can as you see them because having to do all of them at once is terrible. You can do all of them in premium adventure and there are 2 with Rikiya and 1 with Haruka in Kamurocho as far as I am aware. If you cannot seem to get a substory to activate try changing the time of day with Mariko at New Serena or with Saki at Morning Glory depending on where you are.

This link has a list of all the substories compiled in the order of appearance in the substory list in game and categorizes them by chapter so you can bang all of them out as they appear if you want to, courtesy of CyricZ. I have copied the list of the substory names below and here is a link to his guide with in-depth descriptions of each substory.

Disclaimer: Some of these will be worded slightly differently as he made this guide for the PS4 Remastered Collection but the substories and the order are the same as the PC remaster.

  • Date’s Pride
  • Two Fathers
  • Hometown Girl
  • Dotting the Eye
  • Early Honeymoon
  • They Never Learn
  • Silver Screen Dragon
  • The Comforting Yakuza
  • Murder at Café Alps
  • Another Stardust
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 1
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 2
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 3
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 4
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 5
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 6
  • The Seven Mysteries of Ryukyu 7
  • Instant Ramen Takes Time
  • Yamashita Treasure Hunt
  • Bottled Love
  • A Boy and his Balloon
  • Rough Draft
  • Il in Theater Square
  • Shisa Shakedown
  • Nonstop Stalkers
  • Kiryu the Collector
  • The Hustler’s Challenge
  • Talking About Me?
  • Manga Mania
  • Rookie’s Dilemma
  • Fast Food for the Heart
  • Out of His League
  • Robbing the Orphanage
  • Reckoning
  • Mr. Try and Hit Me Again
  • Mr. Try and Flee Me
  • Mr. Try and Catch Me
  • Morning Glory Hide-and-Seek
  • The Old Man’s Memories
  • Suspicious Spouses
  • Catch Those Shoplifters!
  • Temptation
  • Sea Bream Strongarm
  • Bag That Snatcher
  • The Iriomote Incident
  • Mikio’s Munchathon
  • Hit-and-Stop
  • Hor D’oeuvres
  • Appetizer
  • Main Course
  • Dessert
  • Under the Table
  • Bullseye of Love
  • Riled Riders
  • I Want to Go to Tokyo 1
  • I Want to Go to Tokyo 2
  • I Want to Go to Tokyo 3
  • Barking up the Wrong Tree
  • Ghosts from the Past
  • Lost and Found
  • The Distiller’s Treasure
  • Return to the Dragon Palace
  • Missed Caller
  • The Tuna Fund
  • Chic Snatcher
  • Walking the Plank
  • Chumming the Waters
  • Thrown to the Loan Sharks
  • The Con Menace
  • The Con Wars
  • Revenge of the Con Men
  • A New Con
  • Mars Fighters in Tokyo
  • Bargain Sale
  • The Returnee
  • Disconnected
  • Stealing from the Dragon’s Hoard
  • Anything for Grandma’s Love
  • Lasagna at Large
  • Your Fortunes Told Here
  • Watch Out for Renovations
  • A Lost Key
  • Death Bowler
  • Last Month’s Winner
  • Kiryu the Pickpocket!?
  • A Melting Heart
  • As the Rose Balsam Blooms
  • Presidential Golfer
  • Water Purifiers
  • Ramen No. 1 Star
  • Queen of Kamurocho
  • Convenient Robbery
  • Deliver Race
  • High-Tech Peeping Tom
  • Bouncers Needed
  • The First Bouncer
  • The Second Bouncer
  • The Third Bouncer
  • The Fourth Bouncer
  • The Fifth Bouncer
  • New Dog, New Tricks: Sit
  • New Dog, New Tricks: Turn Around
  • New Dog, New Tricks: Fetch
  • Let’s Learn English 1
  • Let’s Learn English 2
  • Let’s Learn English 3
  • Let’s Learn English 4
  • Amon
  • Straight to the Top!
  • Reimi Betrayed
  • Rin in Trouble
  • Kana and Her Dog
  • Ranko’s Worry
  • Miyu and Her Son
  • Shiori’s Stalker
  • Yui and Adam
  • Mika’s Family
  • Nao and the Crooks
  • Saya in Peril


Most of these will be obtained while going for Minigame Master but a few you have to go out of your way for. Each achievement will show the details of obtaining it, but most basic strategies for minigames and such will be covered all under Minigame Master.

Big Tuna

Catch a tuna.

You can fish on the beach right outside of Morning Glory. Tuna are classified as maguro and spawn in the 100m-150m range, you do not even need great bait, no other fish goes all the way to 150m so you have a decent chance of getting it. Better bait lessens the chance of junk (I think) and you can buy it at the Public Market.

Break Ace

Get a break ace in nine-ball pool.

You can play pool at Aqua Sky in Downtown Ryukyu. You have to hit the nine-ball in on the break so I just followed this video (again by DanteDevil12) and it took a few tries to get it exactly right.

Chip Hoarder

Earn a combined total of 3,000 points in poker, roulette, and blackjack.

You have to earn at least 10,000 in each game for Minigame Master so you will get it very quickly.

Exposed Dragon

Win a hand of mahjong when you only have 1 tile concealed.

Pretty much accept all pon, chi, and kan offers until you are down to 1 tile and then steal the final piece for that last pair (ron). This can take a bit, you just have to get lucky.

Fowl Play

Get a turkey while bowling.

With the score you have to get for Minigame Master a Turkey is almost inevitable.

Hat Trick

Get a hat trick in in darts.

You can play darts at Aqua Sky in Downtown Ryukyu and Bantam in Kamurocho. A hat trick is just 3 bullseyes.

Karaoke King

Sing all songs at karaoke.

The Karaokekan in Downtown Ryukyu is in Hatsumatchi next to the M Store and the one in Kamurocho is on Senryo Avenue. There are 6 songs in total to sing. You can do this on your own or you can save it for dates with the hostesses and hit 2 birds with 1 stone. (Heads Up: You have to romance every hostess for the substories)

Nice Hitter

Hit 2 panels with one ball in the Hard Game at the batting cage.

Essentially line up the center of the cursor with one of the lines to hit 2.

Here is a video showcasing that.

Power Driver

Hit a 350-yard drive during a tournament in golf.

The golf course can only be accessed via the monorail in Okinawa. You have to get a -5 in the championship for Minigame Master and for a few of the holes (the 4th and the 9th if memory serves), you can hit it as far as possible with your strongest club. You will definitely get this without really trying.

Pro Gamer

Win 5 stuffed animals in UFO Catcher and get a high score in a shooting game.

You have to win all prizes for Minigame Master and it is not particularly hard, just time consuming. The shooting game is Boxcelios and you have to make it to level 50. The strategy for it will be covered in Minigame Master.

Tag Hoarder

Earn a combined total of 3,000 points in cee-lo, cho-han, koi-koi, and oicho-kabu.

This is just like Chip Hoarder.


Play both massage modes.

This minigame is in Kamurocho at Love In Heart on North Senryo Avenue, there are two massages and even if you fail them it counts.

Unwavering Shogi Player

Win a game of shogi without ever moving your king.

I beat this by playing challenge 1 according to the video shown in the Minigame Master achievement description.

Minigame Master

Minigame Master

Complete all minigames.

This achievement is arguably the worst in the game, but it isn’t too bad if you start going through while you play the main story. You have to complete the minigames completion list in game, the specifics will be listed below.

  • Aroma Massage – Achieve Serene Dragon Rating in both the Standard Massage Course and the Oil Massage & Ear Cleaning Course Play this game pretty safe it is not hard to get a Serene Dragon in either mode. The standard massage is 50 seconds long and you need 20,000 points, the oil massage is 90 seconds and you need 30,000 points.
  • Darts – You will have to win 18 games of darts. There are 3 game types and 3 difficulties and you have to beat each type on each difficulty in both Kamurocho and Downtown Ryukyu. This darts game in particular controls far worse than any in Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami 1, or Yakuza Kiwami 2, so brace yourself. I found that managing the speed at which you pull back and release the right joystick was the biggest factor in precision. I would aim slowly pull down the right joystick about halfway to 3/4 of the way down and then release and over time you get better at it, but it is hard. If this does not work for you, try hitting up the gamefaqs discussion boards for yakuza 3 darts because I have seen a lot of suggestions for how to play this minigame.
  • Pool – You have to win 12 games of pool. There are 3 game types, but 4 difficulties this time and only the one location. For Nine-ball you can usually just hope they will screw up on the 8 or 9 ball and you can take over and win. The other two game modes are a little more skill-based. This minigame is incredibly punishing, specifically in this remaster. You move the right joystick back and then push it forward in order to hit the cue ball, but your ball will curve if you move the joystick slightly to the side, it is very sensitive.
  • Karaoke – There are only 6 songs, just play them until you get 900+ on each one, it is very lenient for a rhythm game, it shouldn’t give you too much trouble.
  • Bowling – Get over 200 points in a 10 frame game. The bowling game is very finicky, just try and find a way to get a strike pretty often, it can take a few tries to get it down. Here is the video I used again by DanteDevil12.
  • UFO Catcher – Win every prize. Chura-chan and the Yummy Bars only appear in the arcade on Nakamichi Street. You can reset the prizes either by walking out and back in or talking to the employee. Here is a list of the prizes
    • Piyo-chan
    • Silkie Piyo-chan (only spawns at the back of a mountain of piyo-chans)
    • Sky Piyo Chan
    • Peach Piyo-chan
    • Kitty Kat (Tiger)
    • Kitty Kat (Shorthair)
    • Kitty Kat (Blue)
    • Kitty Kat (Calico)
    • Beary Bear (Brown)
    • Beary Bear (Grey)
    • Beary Bear (Blue)
    • Beary Bear (Pink)
    • Yummy Bar (Corn)
    • Yummy Bar (Cheese)
    • Yummy Bar (Natto)
    • Chura-chan
    • Big Piyo-chan
    • Fat Cat (Tiger)
    • Fat Cat (Shorthair)
    • Fat Cat (Blue)
    • Fat Cat (Calico)
    • Biggy Bear (Brown)
    • Biggy Bear (Gray)
    • Biggy Bear (Blue)
    • Biggy Bear (Pink)
  • Shogi – Win 5 games. I just played challenge 1 five times as shown in this video by Joeloyo!
  • Mahjong – Earn over 50,000 in one match. I don’t think there are cheat items, I got this in about 30 minutes, just keep playing.
  • Batting Center – Score 1800+ on each of the 4 difficulties. Expert is very hard, I recommend going back to hard and putting some sort of marker (I used tape) where the cursor is so that you know where it is for expert, even then the pitching is schnasty.
  • Golf – Get -5 in the tournament. Just keep playing it, no real advice or cheese, just keep getting better, this took me a couple hours.
  • Fishing – Catch every type of fish, there are 8. Maguro (100m-150m), Gurukun (30m-100m), Abasa (0m-50m, Dusk), Mibai (50m-100m, Morning), Irabucha (50m-120m), Green Turban (0m-30m, Evening), Coral Branch (0m-50m, Dusk), and Umbrella (0m-50m, Day)
  • Shooting – Reach level 50 in Boxcelios. Essentially just aim for the glowing block as fast as you can. This video by Ragnar Henchbrok explains the technique a bit better.
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