Ylands – How to Build a Non Primitive Ship Without Iron

Ship Without Iron

Step 1: Getting Planks

Your going to need a kiln. You can get a kiln with clay, on the tropical island, it can be found across for the tutorial from sleeping as shown here.

You will then need to craft raw glass with sand. Sand can be acquired by hitting the sand near the coast with a stone pick. You will need 3 raw glass and some other materials in order to create an obsidian saw.

You might as well also create a obsidian pick as this is a direct upgrade from the stone pick.

Now that you have a saw, you will need 40 planks for a junk ship. Planks are made with logs and a saw.

Step 2: Getting Wooden Nails

Since we are creating a junk ship, we only need wooden nails unlike the other ships that need metal ones. You can chop down a tree with a stone axe and get wooden pieces from it. You can then turn these wooden pieces into nails, remember to also get the logs to turn into planks or to create a dock for your ship.

Step 3: Making a Dock

You need to create a dock since bigger ships hate being in shallow water. You can create a dock out of anything, i used logs for mine but you could make yours out of something else.

Final Step: Getting All the Other Resources

You need a stone chunk from mining rocks with a pick. You will also need some cloth for the sails, keep in mind that even with one large sail, ships are really slow, so I recommend if you want a fast boat that you use 3 large sails. This will take some cotton, but your ship afterwards will reach a speed of around 19 blocks per second according to the wiki. It would also be wise to make a lower deck using logs or blocks to have your sails on the upper deck so you can flex on your friends so you can have more space to store stuff.

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