Yoomurjak’s Ring – Gameplay Tips

Hints for Gameplay


Look for realistic solutions. What would be a good idea in a given situation?

Ask questions

Try to talk to everyone and exhaust all conversation topics. You can get stuck if you miss a clue. 

Look around well

Explore every location; check if anything can be examined. It may happen that an object becomes active only later in the game. If something would come in useful but it was inactive earlier, it is worth trying again.

Zoom and read

Enlarge objects and make documents readable by clicking their thumbnail in the inventory. Watch out for further possible actions in close-ups. Documents may have multiple pages! 

Combine objects

You can sometimes combine inventory items to get a new object. 

Make notes on paper and work systematically

You may find it useful to make notes, just like Jonathan does. This is especially advisable later in the game when the investigation runs on multiple threads. Proceed systematically; try to focus on one subject at a time. 

Make manual saves

The game is saved automatically when you exit and your last position will be loaded if you click Continue / Back to game. However, you also have the option to save the game manually. This may be useful if you want to return to an earlier part of the game or try an alternate route. Also, this may prevent the loss of your work if anything happens.

Frequent Questions – or if You Are Stuck

How to skip a dialog or a movie?

You may interrupt and skip the rest of a dialog or movie by pressing Esc on the keyboard. Most of the conversations will be recorded in the Notebook. However, skipping is not recommended because you may overlook key information.

Can I skip puzzles?

No. But you can find the solution in a walkthrough.

How to change display settings if screen is distorted? (For wider monitors)

This is not a recent game; it is optimized for 4:3 aspect ratio which is not the native setting of current displays. This may cause some distortion in full screen mode. You can prevent this by adjusting display scaling:

Make sure the game does not run. Right-click anywhere on Desktop and select graphics properties (usually specific to the card manufacturer, e.g. NVIDIA, Intel, ATA, etc.) Under scaling, select “maintain aspect ratio” or “center desktop”, whichever provides the better result for you. 

If no graphics setting is available, you can change the screen resolution. Choose a value that provides the proper aspect ratio.

Note: if you play in window mode, no distortion will occur.

I’m unable to exit from a close-up

Move to the lower part of the close-up screen and click when you see a down-pointing, white cursor. In some cases (e.g. the Notebook and the Map) you can zoom out by clicking the X button visible in a corner of the screen.

Nobody talks to me, I’m unable to proceed

  • Most probably something is missing. Some hints.
  • Look around everywhere;
  • Look out for further options in close-ups (zoom in, next page, manipulate, etc.);
  • Make sure to check all pages of a document;
  • Check the map: there may be new locations you have not visited yet;
  • Follow the hints/suggestions you have been given. There are cases when you have to do certain things before a character talks to you. Check the previous dialogs in the Notebook of you don’t remember.
  • Think of an object you have seen before… Maybe you can use it now. 
  • Try to combine objects in the Inventory;
  • Use the phone to make a call.

I’ve solved a puzzle but nothing happened

In most cases the solution of a puzzle triggers something. However, there are puzzles in this game that provide information only, which you can use somewhere else. 

I don’t find a conversation in the Notebook

Go to the appropriate day and scroll down if necessary. (Note that insignificant or trivial conversations are not recorded). 

I don’t find in the Notebook what Jonathan said

Narrations are not logged in the Notebook. 

The slots for manual saves are full

The game offers 8 slots for saves; you can overwrite the earlier positions. If you want to keep them for future use, make a backup copy on your hard drive. (See below for the location of files).

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