Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Basic Rules

Basic Rules

How to Obtain Cards

How to Obtain Cards

You can obtain cards from the Shop, as Solo Mode rewards, or by Crafting.

Getting cards at the Shop

You can purchase cards at the Shop with Gems.

Getting cards through Solo Mode

You can obtain cards and Structure Decks as rewards in Solo Mode.

Getting cards through Crafting

In Edit Deck, you can dismantle your excess cards and generate different cards of the same rarity.

Proceeding to a Duel

You can Duel with players and friends from all around the world through the Duel menu.

You will find many different modes in the Duel Menu, such as “Ranked Duels,” “Events,” and “Duel Rooms.” Get your game on however you like!

Duels with other players will have time limits.

Be careful not to exceed your time limit. Doing so will end the Duel and result in your loss.

Duel Pass

Duel Passes allow you to collect Duel Pass Points during Ranked Duels and Event Duels, which you can then exchange for various items.

They are available as Duel Passes (Normal) and Duel Passes (Gold).

Please note that Duel Passes have expiration dates. Rewards that you have not collected before their expiration will be automatically collected when you open the Duel Pass screen.

(Rewards unable to be collected will be sent to your Gift Box.)

When your Duel Pass expires, you will not be able to claim any rewards from Grades that you have not reached. And, if you have a Duel Pass (Gold), you will lose access to it.

Duel Pass Points

You will obtain the following number of points after each Ranked Duel and Event Duel.

  • Play a Duel – 50 to 100 points.
  • Win a Duel – 120 Points.

(You will not obtain any Duel Pass Points if you surrender a Duel.)


Once you have earned a set number of Duel Pass Points, you will go up a Grade.

When you go up a Grade, the Duel Pass will reward you accordingly.

You will need to earn the following amount of Duel Pass Points in order to go up a Grade:

  • Grade 2 to 10 – 50 points
  • Grade 11 to 15 – 60 points
  • Grade 16 to 20 – 70 points
  • Grade 21 to 25 – 80 points
  • Grade 26 to 30 – 90 points
  • Grade 31 and over – 100 points

Duel Passes (Normal)

Every Duelist will have one of these.

Duel Passes (Gold)

These passes will give you more special rewards compared to Duel Passes (Normal).

You can purchase a Duel Pass (Gold) at the Shop.

Once you obtain a Duel Pass (Gold), you can collect all of the rewards up to your current Grade at that point in time.


You can earn a variety of rewards by taking on various missions.

There are two kinds of missions: “Limited-Time Missions,” which you can only begin and complete within the specified period of time, and “Unlimited Missions,” which you can choose to take on and complete at any time.

Limited-Time Missions

  • Login Missions

Complete these missions whenever you login for the first time each day to earn yourself some rewards.

The rewards you can get will be reset once monthly.

  • Duel Live Missions

Clear these missions to earn rewards by spectating Duel Live.

  • Daily Missions

Each day, 3 Daily Missions will appear.

(You can have up to 9.)

  • Campaign Missions

These are special missions only available during their specified time periods.

Unlimited Missions

  • Lifetime Missions

These missions do not have any time restraints. Clear them and earn rewards at your own pace.

  • Secret Missions

These missions will only appear once you have fulfilled certain conditions.

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