Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Deck Guide (Rules, Crafting, Slots)

Deck Slots

Every Duelist has 20 Deck Editor slots.

Deck Editor Slots

This is where the Decks you can choose to take into a Duel are kept.

You cannot create or save more Decks than the number of Deck Editor slots that you have.

Deck Rules

You can customize your Deck with whichever cards you like, but please keep in mind that the following rules must be adhered to when building a Deck:

  • Main Decks must have between 40 and 60 cards.
  • Extra Decks must have between 0 and 15 cards.
  • Decks can have at most 3 copies of a card with the same name.
  • Decks must obey the Forbidden/Limited List.

Loaner Deck

Loaner Decks are Decks that you may use in Solo Mode.

You may Duel using a Loaner Deck in specified places even if you don’t own the cards in the Deck.

You can see what cards are in it by checking the Loaner Deck’s page.

You can also copy its contents into the Deck Editor.

*Cards that you do not own will retain their “Not Owned” status when copied over.

*You cannot Duel with Decks that include cards that you do not own.

Copying Decks

By selecting a Deck, you can copy and save it to any empty slot in the Deck Editor.

You will not be able to copy and save any more Decks if all your slots are full.

Card Crafting


CP (Craft Points) can be spent to generate cards.

Different rarities will require different amounts of CP to be generated.

Please note that some cards cannot be generated.


By dismantling your cards, you will be able to earn CP.

The following types of cards cannot be dismantled:

  • Cards distributed as gifts.
  • Cards that came as part of a Bundle Deal.
  • Cards obtained from Structure Decks.


The “Bookmark” feature allows you to pick any card and mark it.

Bookmarked cards will appear in your Bookmark List.

You can bookmark up to 30 cards.

Forbidden/Limited List

The Forbidden/Limited List stipulates how many copies of certain cards you can put in your Deck.

Cards not on the Forbidden/Limited List can be included at up to 3 copies in Decks. If a card is on the Forbidden/Limited List, this is instead 0, 1, or 2 copies, according to its status on the list.

  • Forbidden – You cannot include this card in your Deck/Extra Deck.
  • Limited – You can have at most 1 copy of this card in your Deck/Extra Deck.
  • Semi-Limited – You can have at most 2 copies of this card in your Deck/Extra Deck.

Cards are frequently added or removed from the Forbidden/Limited List, when deemed appropriate.

Players will be notified of any plans to change the Forbidden/Limited List before the changes are implemented.

Change Accessories

Card Cases, Card Sleeves, Game Mats, Field Parts, and Mate’s Base mascot cards can be customized for each Deck in the Deck Editor’s Deck menu.

Accessories can be obtained by clearing missions (such as those for Solo Mode) or by purchasing them from the Shop.

List of Structure Decks

You can view the Structure Decks in your possession.

You can view a Structure Deck and copy its contents into a Deck Editor slot. This will also copy the set Deck name and Card Case into your Deck Editor.

You can also view and copy Structure Decks that you do not own. However, please note that you will not be able to Duel with it if it contains cards you do not possess. You also cannot copy Card Cases that you do not own.

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