Zaccaria Pinball – Custom Camera Views

In Zaccaria Pinball players are able to switch between different cameras, default there are 4 different camera views.

For those who own the Bronze bundle they can also use the camera editor and make a custom camera they want or prefer, even though this is possible not everybody always experiments with this or gives this a real shot to find optimal play angles. There are many values to change and it can become confusing with so many different sliders. If you want to try something new or your tired of the default cameras then you can give this a go.

I spend many hours adjusting and tweaking these two specific camera views and will share this with the community.

Top / Front Camera

Info: This is a mix between topdown view and looking it from the front, the view is rather close comparing to some of the default cameras in the game, however it will give you more precision with the flippers. The view is not to close because you can still see the ball drain and the playfield.

Top-Down Camera

Info: In Zaccaria Pinball there is already a cabinet view but this is a good alternative if you do not like the cabinet mode.

A top down view camera that gives you a good oversight on the playfield, even when you do not to play with this very often it is a handy camera to check where things are located on the playfield or get a good feeling of distance between objects.

Created by Mart

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